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Planning Your Visit: The Best Time to Explore Romania and Its Attractions

It is not a secret that weather itself can ruin or make the most of your trip. Nobody likes to walk when is cold or rain. In order to maximise your trip it is useful to know when is the best time for visiting Romania.

There are so many things to do and so many places to visit in Romania! Based on the period you want to go, I will show you which are the best things to see in Romania.

An important fact is that the country has a temperate climate with four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. During each season you can see and experience different things and you should plan your trip taking in consideration the weather and the location of the spots you are interested in.

In Romania you can find a little bit of everything: mountains, hills, vast planes and even beaches and unique habitats like Danube Delta.

best time for visiting Romania
Best things to see and best time for visiting RO

When planning your trip, take in consideration the fact that there might be spots or even accommodations closed during winter, so check for their availability before you go there.

For example, when visit Romanian, if you want to go and visit best beaches on the Black Sea Coast  or Danube Delta during winter, for sure you will find limited accommodations open.

Best time for visiting Romania in spring and best things to see in Romania in spring

Spring in Romania is from March to May.  The snow starts to melt and the nature is waking up from the long winter sleep.  Mountain roads are still closed and there is little interest in visiting Danube Delta and the seaside.

The days begin to be warmer and longer, so the ideal places to visit this period are the most emblematic cities of Romania like Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Iasi, Timisoara, Bucharest and Brasov.

The Transylvanian landscape is just magical in spring. Small villages hidden between hills and lost in the morning fog with traditional houses displayed along the roads are a very common image of the area. It is so relaxing to wake up in the middle of this beautiful landscape!

From all spring months I would chose to visit Romania in May. The flowers are in blossom, the birds are singing and everything is green and alive!

Best time for visiting Romania in summer and best things to see in Romania in summer

Hot days full of sun are here! Everyone is trying to cool off and run from the heat of big cities! High in the mountains or on a beach at Black Sea Coast are the ideal locations where to escape from the summer sun!

A trip on one of the most impressive roads of Europe called Transfagarasan is highly recommended mostly for the landscape and to cool off! There are so many trails in the mountains where you can walk, relax and hide from sun!

From the summer months I would prefer to visit Romania in June or beginning of July. August and the second part of July are a little too hot for walking all day.

Best time for visiting Romania in autumn and best things to see in Romania in autumn

You know what I like most in autumn? The colour of forests and nature itself are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! So, I would recommend you to travel on the hillside of Romania. Go visit Transylvania! It has nice sceneries! Go to a winery! Sip a glass of wine and admire the landscape! After that, you should visit one of the most iconic cities of Romania! Don’t forget to include in your itinerary medieval fortresses like Rasnov, Alba Iulia, Prejmer, Sighisoara!

Best time for visiting Romania in winter and best things to see in Romania in winter

When I said winter I am thinking about skiing, snowboarding and walking tours. Everywhere you look you see snow: trees, houses, mountains, everything is covered with snow!

If you want to visit Romania in winter pick a mountain resort close to Brasov, Cluj Napoca or Sibiu where you can practice winter sports! The prices are very convenient and the landscape worth every penny!

Romanian tour should include at least one night in the following cities:

  • Sibiu Medieval town

Here are our suggestions of available accommodations in Sibiu Romania area

  • Cluj Napoca the capital of transilvania

Here are our suggestions of available accommodations in Cluj Napoca Romania area

  • Salt Mine from Turda

You don’t need accommodation here. You visit it when you left Cluj Napoca and head to Sighisoara

  • Sighisoara the old medieval still inhabited

Here are our suggestions of available accommodations in Sighisoara Romania area

  • Viscri an authentic Transylvanian village
  • Brasov a beautiful mountain city

Here are our suggestions of available accommodations in Brasov area

You see! No matter when you visit Romania there is always something to do! Pack your bags and hurry up! Magnificent places are waiting for you!