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Navigating Romania: Transportation Tips and Safety Considerations

The country is located in the Balkan Peninsula, in southeastern Europe giving us a lot of options for how to get to Romania. It is a very accessible country by train, car or plane.

If you are wondering if is Romania safe to visit, then the answer could be found below.

The plane is the easiest and fastest way to get to this Balkan Country.

Low-cost companies have lots of low-cost flights to Romania from all over Europe.

Paris, Amsterdam, London or Berlin are just some of the main European cities from where you can take a flight to Romania.

With 20 euros you can buy a ticket to Romania! Trust me! It is an ideal destination for your holiday or for a city break!

How to get to Romania. Is Romania safe to visit?
Getting to Romania. Is Romania safe to visit?

You don’t like planes or are you planning a tour around Europe?

Great! Take a car an include Romania into your itinerary!

All you need is the time!

Countries from the Balkan Peninsula are cheap and very beautiful! The car is the most comfortable way for a Europe trip!

Don’t expect to find many highways in this part of Europe!

Still, the landscape is beautiful and the quality of the roads are OK!

It will take you more time to travel from one point to another without highways but it worth the effort!

A car is a good option if you ask me how to get to Romania, especially if you are planning a Europe trip or if you live nearby the country!

Some of us may think that planes are safer than cars and would choose planes!

Indeed the accidents on the roads are more common than aviation catastrophes!

Once you get to the country you are wondering if is Romania safe to visit by car or what are the risks in this country.

I can tell you that you are safe while travelling to Romania as long as you act decent and respect the locals!  

Don’t forget that Romania is a European Union country and it has lots of laws and regulations to help you stay safe!

On the other hand, once you choose how to get to Romania I want to tell you that in Romania the roads are pretty safe but driving along national roads might be more exhausting than driving on the highway!

So, when you plan your trip calculate very well your time and avoid unpopulated areas at the night!

When thinking about visit Romania, you might consider using the train also.

There is a train which connects Vienna with Bucharest!

So, you can include on your list a train ride from the nearest country or why not a train trip along with Europe!

The travelling conditions are fine and the price of the ticket is not very high!

Also, when you are thinking about trains consider these facts: you can move easily along the train compartment and stretch your bones or drink a coffee at the train’s restaurant while you read the newspaper!

Oh! You can also buy tickets at the sleeping carriage and take a nap while you move to different places!

I bet you are now thinking if is Romania safe to visit by train. Well, I must say I did not feel unsafe while going by train along the country!

To be honest with you from all the three options to get to Romania, I would pick the plane as it is faster, than the car and just after that the train.

Me personally, I don’t like trains very much! I cannot stop when I want and where I want as I do when I travel by car! But it is a matter of taste!

No matter your decision regarding how to get to Romania, it is important to include this country on your list and visit Romania at least once in your lifetime!

It is a safe country, you should not be worried!

The crime rate is pretty low, but you still need to take care of small petty crime like a wallet or phone theft.


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