Check here the best time to visit Romania for your next trip

Choosing the best time to visit Romania depends on what season you wish to see this country. Romania can be visited anytime, and any season, as it has 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, each of them with their own beauty and beautiful places to see.

If I were to name a period to avoid it would not necessarily be based on the weather but based on the public holidays when there are more people travelling and visiting and therefore if could be a bad time if you are looking for a quiet time without the crowds.

best time to visit romania Transfagarasan summer alpine road
Transfagarasan summer alpine road

If you prefer to visit during Christmas, then winter is the best time.

If you prefer to go to the beach and seaside, then summer is the evident choice.

Autumn is the season when you find the fresh picked fruits in any village around the country, halloween is also in this season. A visit to Dracula’s castle would be best during autumn if you wish to have an unique experience. If you just wish to visit the castle on your own pace, without the crowds, then under all circumstances avoid Halloween period.

Inside the real Dracula Castle Bran
Inside the real Dracula Castle Bran

Spring is beautiful in Romania as everything goes back to life after the winter. There are flowers everywhere, all the trees grow beautiful and colourful flowers so any photographer will really appreciate this period.

In my opinion, choosing the best time for Romania¬† is a matter of taste and it definitely depends on what is your holiday’s purpose.

Best time to visit Romania

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