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Managing Money in the Netherlands: Key Financial Tips

Netherlands money

Since 2002, the EURO is the Netherlands currency. They replaced the Dutch guilder which was used for more than 320 years.

Now with EURO, everything is easier! You shouldn’t be worried about exchanging money when arriving in the Netherlands! Euros are very easy to find and could be bought from almost every exchange house in the world so exchanging money should be your last worry!

Netherlands money

Money of Netherlands

More than that we are living in the XXI century and almost everywhere you can pay with card and the conversion is made automatically!

And there are also ATMs spread all over the country. So, you can easily have access to your liquidity directly in the right currency, euro.

The only thing you should know is that you will be commissioned by your bank when getting the cash from your card. The commission varies from one bank to another, and there might be ATMs from certain local banks which takes you a fixed withdrawal fee, no matter how much money you want to get.

Oh! There is another thing! Some ATMs limit the amount of money you can withdraw at a certain amount! You should check all these things before using an ATM.

Money of the Netherlands

Money of the Netherlands

If you choose to pay by card, there will be no commissions for you, except for the exchange rate fee, which certain banks use to tax for. The best thing you can do is to review your bank fee policies before you travel abroad.

Netherlands money is actually the EU currency, the EURO. They are very easy to buy from banks and exchange offices from all over the world. Don’t be worried about this matter!

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