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Compelling Reasons to Explore Sighisoara, Romania

Sighisoara Romania (German, Schäßburg – Schassburg or Schäsbrich) is the last inhabited fortress in Europe and one of the most beautiful towns of Romania.

It is located in Transylvania, right in the heart of Romania and is one of the most interesting attractions of the Balkans. The place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. Sighisoara is one of the best-preserved medieval town in Europe, a 16th-century gem with 9 towers, burgher house, cobbled streets and beautiful churches.

Sighisoara Romania Medieval Fortress

Sighisoara Romania Medieval Fortress

It is the birthplace of Vlad Dracul, also known as Vlad the Impaler. Vlad Dracul ruled the province of Walachia from 1456 to 1462 and he is the one who inspires the main character from Bram Stoker’s book, Count Dracula.

The masterpiece of the fortress is the Clock Tower.

The Clock Tower was built in the 14th century which controlled the main gate and store the city’s treasures.


Sighisoara Medieval Clock Tower

Sighisoara Medieval Clock Tower

If all these details did not convince you to visit this magnificent place, then let me give you another 5 reasons why Sighisoara should be on your travel list when visit Romania.

1. The view

When you visit Sighisoara Romania you should climb the Clock Tower. There is an insignificant entrance fee, but the view from the top is just breathtaking! You will have one of the most beautiful views of the citadel and the new city of Sighisoara!

Sighisoara Romania beautiful Medieval Fortress

Schäßburg Romania beautiful Medieval Fortress

2. The historical connection

As I said earlier, Sighisoara is the birthplace of Vlad Dracul, the person who inspired Bram Stocker’s main character, Dracula.

Vlad’s birthplace is still there and is marked with a label on which it is written: “In this house lived between 1431- 1435, the Romania Country ruler, Vlad Dracul, the son of The Old Mircea”. In our days, the place was transformed into a restaurant.


Vlad Tepes Dracula Sighisoara

Vlad Tepes Dracula Sighisoara

Besides this place, Sighisoara Romania has many interesting museums, like the Clock Tower Museum and a torture museum.

This town is one of Prince Charles favourite places. He visited the town a few times and even spend some night in the area.

3. The colourful streets

Sighisoara is one of the most colourful towns in Romania. It is like a rainbow! The houses are all painted in various colours like orange, pink, purple, yellow and blue. It is a very relaxed and happy atmosphere because of the very nice colours!

Sighisoara colourful streets

Segesvár colourful streets

4. The oldest inhabited fortress

Sighisoara is not only the pretty’s town in Europe but also the oldest inhabited fortresses in Europe. The town has a medieval vibe and very cosy streets. Actually there are only three main streets in the fortress dating for centuries. Walking along the narrow streets of the fortress gives you a good opportunity to discover the area and its beauty.

Sighisoara oldest inhabited fortress

Sighisoara oldest inhabited fortress

5. Visit the fortified church on the hill of Sighisoara Romania

The Fortified Church on the Hill is a very well preserved building with nice architecture and beautiful scenery. It is an old church located on top of a hill, an emblematic construction of the medieval times. The church is very well preserved and is one of the top attractions among Transylvania.

Fortified Church Sighisoara

Fortified Church Schäßburg

How to get to Sighisoara?

You can reach this beautiful town by train, by car and by bus.
Sighisoara is right on the international train route from Vienna to Bucharest. There are also buses which go from Sibiu, Targu Mures and Bucharest to Sighisoara. The prices for train and bus tickets are not very expensive but you depend on their strict timetable.


Sighisoara Medieval Fortress Romania

Sighisoara Medieval Fortress Romania

The most comfortable and flexible way to reach Sighisoara is by car. Renting a car from Sibiu or Bucharest is something very easy and recommendable as you can have the freedom and flexibility to move around and explore the area.

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Where to sleep in Sighisoara Romania?

We highly recommend you to spend at least one night in this beautiful town when visit Transylvania. When the night comes you will see another face of the town! A more mystical and picturesque!
Here are our suggestions of available accommodations in Sighisoara Romania area

I hope these reasons convinced you to include Sighisoara in your itinerary. Its medieval houses and narrow streets inspire you and walking along with them it is like travelling back in time.