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Why Renting a Car is Ideal for Chasing Northern Lights in Iceland

Northern Light is a unique natural phenomenon that could be seen from late September to early April in areas close to the North Pole.

Iceland, Finland, Norway, Alaska, or Canada are ideal locations to spot Aurora. Iceland is one of the best places to see the Aurora Borealis on Earth thanks to its location and perfect weather conditions.

Here are 3 reasons why you should rent a car to chase Northern Lights in Iceland

1. Search for total dark sky

Keep in mind that the best spots to observe this phenomenon are places with total dark and cloud-free sky. More than that, it should be a very intense solar activity. In and around cities the sky is not very dark so these are not the best places to see Northern Lights.

You need to go outside the city areas and to find isolated spots somewhere in the middle of nature, to be very dark.

3 reasons why rent a car to chase Northern Lights in Iceland
best time to see Aurora Borealis in Iceland

But how on Earth could you get in the middle of nature at late hours of the night?

By car obviously!

Grab your car from the parking lot and drive in the middle of nature in places where the lights dancing in the sky are intense and clear!

The lights from the city minimize the green lights on the sky and ruin your photos!

And for sure you don’t want to happen something like that!

We wrote some more detailed articles on this subject here: Best time to see Northern Lights in Iceland, should you wish to read more about it:
Do like us! We rent a car to chase Northern Lights in Iceland from Reykjavik International Airport and drive along the Ring Road.

Each night we searched for accommodation outside the cities, at isolated farms.

First, we were sceptical about our chances to see Northern Lights until one night! It was our lucky night!

The green lights appear in the sky! It was incredible!

We then start to chase the lights on the darkness, hunting for the best place to take photos!

See with your own eyes this incredible spectacle! It is like a drug!

Once you see it you want to see it again and again!

Honestly, renting a car was the best thing we could do!

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2. Availability and freedom to move

Spotting Northern Lights is very difficult and complicated. More than that, the lights are not in the sky for hours! It is a matter of minutes or maybe seconds to see these beautiful dancing lights.

3 reasons why rent a car to chase Northern Lights in Iceland
Car rental for chasing Aurora Borealis Iceland

You cannot afford to lose any second when you chase Aurora Borealis.

You should have the availability and freedom to move from one place to another in the late hours of the night.

To get the best pictures you should be in the best place at the best time!

And the only thing which could help you do this is the car!

Car assures you the freedom and the mobility you need!

That is why rent a car to chase Northern Lights in Iceland is the best thing you could do! Yeah!

Maybe you say that tours are also a good option!

Well, I don’t think so! You might buy a tour and lose your night for nothing and when you come back into your room the Aurora appears on the sky!

You saw it from distance but you cannot chase it because you don’t have a car!

The tour prices are pretty high and nobody can guarantee you will see Aurora Borealis.

They have some certain spots where they use to go with the tours, spots with high chances to see Northern Lights in general.

The decision of renting a car to chase Northern Lights in Iceland guarantees you freedom and availability and increases your chances to see this unique show.

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3. Flexibility is an important element when rent a car to chase Northern Lights in Iceland

Flexibility is one of the most important things when speaking about the perfect holiday.

You can do whatever you want and change your plans whenever you feel like it.

When chasing Aurora Borealis you need this! The northern lights appear suddenly and don’t last forever!

You might need to change your plans quickly to get the best spot for photographing the northern lights!

3 reasons why rent a car to chase Northern Lights in Iceland
Car rental for chasing Northern Lights

The feeling when you see the Northern Lights is very hard to be described.

What I can tell you for sure is that you need to include Northern Lights on your bucket list.

Rent a car in Iceland to have the freedom and mobility necessary to chase the Green Lady and enjoy the show!

Also, don’t forget that it is important to choose the best period to see the Northern Lights in Iceland so you have the highest chance of seeing Aurora Borealis while you are there.

Here is a detailed article to help you choose the best time of year to see northern lights in Iceland:

Best time to see Northern Lights in Iceland Aurora Borealis