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Top 3 Locations for Witnessing the Northern Lights in Iceland in 2020

Spotting Northern Lights is every traveller’s dream. It is not an easy fact and chasing the lights request a lot of time and energy.

The real Aurora Borealis hunters spend their nights in the dark at very low temperatures waiting for the perfect moment when the Green Lights appear on the dark sky.

To spot the Aurora Borealis it needs to be completely dark outside, to have a clear sky and to be intense solar activity.

You also increase your chances of seeing the Iceland Northern Lights if you visit the country at the best time to see Northern Lights in Iceland.

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Wow! That is complicated! So many things to happen at the same time!? Which are the odds?

best time to see Northern Lights in Iceland in 2020
best time to see Northern Lights in Iceland in 2020

Well, don’t worry! I picked for you the three best places to see Northern Lights in Iceland in 2020.

The most efficient and flexible way to travel when hunting Northern Lights is to rent a car in Iceland. You need a car just to have the freedom and flexibility to move whenever you want and wherever you want.

Detailed guides for choosing the best time for northern lights in Iceland:

We did so! We rented a car and we booked accommodation outside the main cities to avoid lights and to move as little as possible when chasing Northern Lights. Our strategy went well because we saw Aurora Borealis right from our room.

best time of year to see Northern Lights in Iceland in 2020
best time of year to see Northern Lights in Iceland in 2020

Even if you don’t want to book accommodation in remote areas, a rented car in Iceland is essential when chasing Northern Lights. It is the best way to stay flexible and have the freedom to move whenever you want.

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1. Grotta

Grotta si one of the best places to see Northern Lights in Iceland in 2020. It is located very close to Reykjavik and thanks to its position you have big chances to see the lights.

Grotta is located in Seltjarnarnes Peninsula, just 20 minutes’ walk from Reykjavik downtown or 5 minutes’ drive with a rented car or a taxi, Grotta is one of the most popular places among Aurora Borealis hunters.

The view is outstanding! During summer, this is a great place for bird watching and during winter it is one of the best places to see the Aurora Borealis Green Lady.

Grotta best places to see Northern Lights in Iceland in 2020
Grotta Northern Lights

There is a very photogenic lighthouse in the area and a big parking place where to leave your car. From there you can walk towards the darkness to have a better view of the sky and to find the best spot for the show which is about to start.

You can book accommodation in Reykjavik and take the car to reach the Lighthouse when is the right moment to spot the Northern Lights.

There are many hotels and guesthouses in Reykjavik. See which one fits you best!

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2. Thingvellir National Park one of the best places to see Northern Lights in Iceland

Thingvellir National Park is a natural reserve located evast from Reykjavik and is very easy to reach with a car rental in Iceland. The place is the meeting point of two tectonic plates, the North American and Eurasian plates.

You can dive into the cold waters of the park in a place named Silfra where you can touch with your hands in the same time both tectonic plates.

Visit Thingvellir National Park for northern lights
Visit Thingvellir National Park for northern lights

Thingvellir National park is also one of the best places to see Northern Lights because it is totally dark outside and the landscape of lava rock and moss is the perfect background for your photos when the Aurora Borealis is dancing in the sky.

You can book an overnight stay close to the park at , where to spend the rest of your night after chasing Northern Lights. It is very tiring to stay in the cold waiting for the perfect moment for northern lights when the sky becomes green and the lights are dancing. A good night sleep somewhere close to the hunting place is exactly what you need!

3. Vik

Vik is a beautiful town located in the south part of Iceland. From Vik take the car and go to the black sandy beach from the nearby and watch the Aurora Borealis show. The sounds of the ocean and the black beach makes from Vik area one of the best places to see Northern Lights in Iceland in 2020.

Vik Black Sand Beach
Vik Black Sand Beach

Don’t let yourself seduced by the beauty of the place! Keep an eye on the waves because this region of Iceland is famous for its sneaky waves and strong currents.

The best thing you could do after a long and tiring night of watching the Northern Lights is to have a good night sleep in a hotel close to the beach.

Vik offers some interesting options when we speak about accommodation.

Iceland Northern Lights 2020
best place to see Iceland Northern Lights 2020

The prices vary from one hotel to another and it depends on what are you looking for and how much money do you want to pay for a night in a hotel.

These places are remote and that’s why they are ideal for spotting Aurora Borealis. You definitely need to hire a car in Iceland to reach them, but worth the effort.

Also take in consideration to choose the best time to see Northern Lights in Iceland if you want to increase your chances of spotting the Aurora Borealis.

Best time of year to see northern lights in Iceland is in September and October, so plan you trip well.

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