Best 3 popular attractions near 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka

Nested in the middle of tea plantations, on top of the lush hills near Ella, the hotel is one of Sri Lanka’s hidden gems.

The resort is located off the beaten path and faces an outstanding landscape over the tea plantations. There are plenty of attractions near 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka, making from this place a good camp base for exploring the neighbourhoods.

The area is full of tea plantations and tea factories, so the view from your patio is breathtaking. Being in the middle of Sri Lanka mountains area, there are many hikes and trails to do in the area.
Depending on how much time you have to explore the area, you can choose from these 3 best things to do in the area:

1. Honey Bee Garden

What could be more exciting than doing a cooking class and learning how to cook respecting local traditions!? If you are looking for a relaxing way to spend your day close to 98 Acres Resort, then Honey Bee Garden cooking class is the best choice.

Best 3 popular attractions near 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka
Cooking class near 98 Acres

Here you will learn to cook using local recipes and local ingredients. All the ingredients are fresh and tasty and they teach you Sri Lankan cooking secrets to get delicious food.

The person who is teaching you to cook is very patient and gives you lots of useful explanations and information about local curries and spices.
Definitely is one of the top attractions near 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka and good opportunity to learn new things about Sri Lankan food.

2. Little Adam’s Peak

This hike is the most famous from the entire Sri Lanka hill area. It is a pretty easy hike up to a tall hill called Little Adam’s Peak.
The hill was named after the holy mountain Adam’s Peak because of the similar shape. Adam’s Peak is located close to Nuwara Ella, on the west side of Sri Lanka and has 2.243 m high. Climbing this mountain is more difficult and time-consuming. But the view worth the effort!

Best 3 popular attractions near 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka
Little Adam’s Peak 98 Acres

Little Adam’s Peak has about 1141 m high and the trail to the top is marked with signs and is very popular among tourists. Being such a famous places everybody would want to see the view from the top. So be prepared to meet lots of people on your way up.

The path to the hill starts right near the resort, from a white big Buddha statue. It took you about one hour to reach the top and another hour to come down.
Once you reach the top, a beautiful landscape opens in front of your eyes. Everywhere you look you see lush vegetation and huge tea plantations. In the middle of a tea, the plantation has hidden the lodges from 98 Acres Resort & Spa.

Far in the distance, other beautiful hills and lush vegetation lost among the clouds could be seen.
Climbing Little Adam’s Peak gives you a very good overview of the area and the beauty of nature!

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3. Nine Arch Bridge one of the top attractions near 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka

The most photographed place from Sri Lanka is Nine Arch Bridge. Thanks to the outstanding location and beautiful design the bridge rapidly became a hot spot among Instagrammers and photo addicted.
Nine Arch Bridge is 91 meters long and 24 m height. It was built during the British Colonial period and the name came from the 9 arches which sustain the bridge.

Best 3 popular attractions near 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka
Nine Arc Bridge 98 Acres

The entire bridge is built from rocks, cement and bricks, no metal was used. Seeing the train passing over the bridge is the moment waited by hundreds of people each day!

The bridge is just 10 minutes’ drive and 15 minutes’ walk from 98 Acres resort. The last part of the road is not accessible by any vehicle; you have to do it on foot.

You will get some memorable photos from this bridge, especially if you have time to wait for the train to pass!
There are many more other attractions near 98 Acres Resort Sri Lanka, but these three are the most important.

I recommend you to book a few nights at the resort and explore the neighbourhoods and the facilities of the hotel.
The attractions near 98 Acres Resort & Spa Sri Lanka are very interesting to explore! And the resort have an excellent spa, too!

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