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Spa Experience: Unwinding at Blue Lagoon Spa Hotel

Hotel Blue Lagoon Spa

Going to Iceland is one of the best experiences you can have during your lifetime and visiting Blue Lagoon Iceland is definitely a must.

This spectacular manmade pool is ranked as one of the best in the world in many famous magazines from all over the world.

But how about waking up in the middle of the manmade pool with a wonderful view of the geothermal spring right from your bed?

Blue Lagoon spa hotel offers such a unique experience and gives you the privilege of being the first one swimming in the pool early in the morning.

Trust me, the experience is unique and worth every penny so you should include it into your travel list, that’s for sure!

Until a few years ago, in the nearby area, there was a hotel located close to the Blue Lagoon Iceland called Silica hotel.

Starting with 2019 a brand new hotel named Retreat Lagoon Blue was open right inside the natural pool, offering luxurious accommodation and VIP access to the water.

Spending at least one night in this hotel is pretty expensive but this is your only chance to fully experience what this amazing place has to offer.

Location of the Retreat hotel Blue Lagoon Spa

The hotel Blue Lagoon Iceland is located right in the middle of the lagoon and is accessible by car and bus from the airport or Reykjavik.

The hotel is located very close to the airport and Grindavik, in the southwest of Iceland right on Reykjanes peninsula, in the middle of the lava field.

It takes you around 45 to 50 minutes to get to the hotel from Reykjavik centre and about 20 minutes to get from Keflavik International Airport.

What to expect from the Blue Lagoon Spa hotel

The Blue Lagoon Spa is a very popular destination among tourist and in the last couple of months, more and more visitors are interested to book a night at The Retreat hotel.

Although it is a pretty expensive place the place is very popular among tourists, so you’d better book your stay well in advance.

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon is considered by many one of the best places to sleep from Iceland because of its unique views, amazing location and amazing design.

The hotel Blue Lagoon Iceland has 62 rooms overlooking the pool, a fitness centre, a traditional Icelandic restaurant. Inside the resort, there is a Michelin restaurant, Moss restaurant where you can serve a la carte dinner or book a place at the chef’s table.

The really bad news about this hotel is that it is pretty expensive and not everybody can afford to spend here at least one night.

In the room price, you have included the breakfast and also unlimited access to the Blue Lagoon, to different body treatments and to the Blue Retreat Spa. The rooms on the first floor have a private pool where you can relax the entire day.

If you plan to visit Iceland on a budget and want to include Blue Lagoon Iceland into your travel plans, then you have to know that you can book a day ticket and don’t have to spend the night there.

These daily tickets should be bought in advance to get the best price and to be sure you find available slots when you want.

Style and character of hotel Blue Lagoon spa

It would be impossible for the resort’s interiors to exceed the beauty of the surrounding landscape, so the architect chose to pay homage to it instead of changing the landscape.

Rugs are grey-blue and moss eco-friendly; slabs of solidified lava have been gotten into rough-hewn bricks. The lobby is decorated with old Icelandic ceramics and the centrepiece of the room is an amazing fireplace.

Everything really feels appropriately Icelandic at this Blue Lagoon Spa hotel, though there are subtle Italian influences as well.

Furniture items were created by B&B Italia and Marche-based iGuzzini. They worked together to establish “human-centric illumination”.

Light setups, as well as fixtures, include carefully pulsating sun- and moon-like orbs that glow from the ceilings at certain times of night and day.

What I can tell you for sure about this hotel is that it is perfectly integrated into the landscape and that it is a homage brought to nature.

Spending at least one night at this hotel Blue Lagoon spa and trying the spa restaurant is something which should be on your Icelandic travel list!

I know it might look a little bit too pricey at the first sight, but worth each penny!