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The Retreat at Blue Lagoon: A Luxurious Escape

Carved into an 800-year-old lava area less than an hour from Reykjavík, The Retreat hotel Blue Lagoon Iceland delivers stimulating dual hit of a transcendent landscape coupled with serene Scandinavian layout.

The interiors of Retreat Blue Lagoon reveal a stylistic handshake in between what’s outside as well as inside.

The designers used slate grey of rocks and natural tones from the moss that covers them.

And as for those funnel-like fireplaces in the dining establishment– well, they’re absolutely nothing short of volcanic earth.

After spending your days bathing in lagoon’s mineral-rich water or at the underground medical spa, you’ll feel you’ve get the right to delight at Moss restaurant.

Here Icelandic tasting menus and a first-class wine checklist await for you. If you’re lucky, your dish could also be capped by Aurora Borealis dancing over blue water.


Retreat Lagoon Blue is located in the middle of nature, right inside the Blue Lagoon Spa, 50 minutes drive from Reykjavik and 20 minutes drive from Keflavik International Airport.

This remarkable hotel is located in the middle of the lava fields from the Grindavik peninsula, in the south-west part of Iceland.

If I would have to give a mark to this location I would give a big 10 out of 10 that beautiful is this place!

Design of The Retreat hotel Blue Lagoon Iceland

It would certainly be impossible for Retreat Blue Lagoon hotel’s interiors to surpass the appeal of the bordering landscape.

So instead they use the elements from nature: rugs are grey-blue and also moss eco-friendly while pieces of solidified lava have been broken into blocks and built a fireplace.

The interior of the lobby is decorated with old Icelandic ceramics and the fireplace is considered the centrepiece of the room.

It all feels suitably Icelandic, though there are subtle Italian influences too.

Furniture comprises items by B&B Italia, and also Marche-based iGuzzini worked together with local designers to create “human-centric lighting”.

Light setups, as well as fixtures, include naturally vibrating sun- as well as moon-like orbs that glow from ceilings at particular times of night and day.

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Service and facilities Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland

All staff is feeling proud to work in what is among the country’s first true luxury resorts, but their lack of experience showed during my stay there.

At a closer look, they seem not very sure about what they have to do in certain situations and this is not acceptable for such a high-quality resort.

The hotel’s star service is its spacious health spa, a first-rate health centre segmented with several leisure areas.

A poorly lit chamber using Blue Lagoon ritual hammam-like cleansing ritual is on top of clients preferences.

In your room rate is also included the access to a tranquil, encased section of Blue Lagoon.

You have included access to Retreat’s primary selling point, which is a significant boon for guests as the daily passes prices for normal visitors start from EUR 230.

There’s a small collection of books, a pretty basic health club and a yoga studio at the property.

Free yoga classes start each day from 9 am awkwardly dissecting the breakfast service. Guests can likewise sign up with free walkings of the 240 metre-high Þorbjörn (Thor’s Bear) hillside each afternoon.

The rooms at The Retreat Blue Lagoon Iceland

Rooms and also junior suites at Retreat Lagoon Blue are set over 2 floorings as well as divided right into three groups.

All the rooms from Retreat Hotel Blue Lagoon Iceland have floor to ceiling windows overlooking the geothermal water and lava fields.

There are ground-level rooms that directly have access to a private lagoon (with a touch of the latter giving direct access to the water).

And there are the first-floor rooms and lagoon suite that supply sweeping sights of the moss-covered lava fields.

The colours of the rooms are predominantly grey and brown with warmed floorings, free minibars and high-quality Blue Lagoon toiletries.

Dining at The Retreat at Blue Lagoon hotel

Buffet breakfast includes local dishes such as skyr (Icelandic yoghurt) with berries, and salmon is offered each day along with a simple à la carte food selection.

A handle afternoon tea arrives later when typical cakes are served. At the Health spa restaurant, a light menu of sushi and salads is available.

The main downside of the place is the location – a corridor between the health spa reception and facilities, full of visitors in robes roaming around.

The large Lava restaurant from Retreat Blue Lagoon is mostly used by daily visitors of Blue Lagoon site.

It offers ambitious Icelandic recipes (birch and juniper-cured Arctic char with roe and also rye, for example).

These dishes aren’t constantly available and the business of the area conflicts with the tranquillity of the resort.

The good news is the local reinvented meals and appropriate white wines available at elegant fine-dining restaurant Moss are excellent. My perfectly offered sampling menu was Michelin-worthy.

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon hotel is wheelchair accessible and guarantee full access t the spa changing rooms and treatment areas.

Children are welcome to stay at the hotel but not on the ground floor rooms.

Because all these rooms have direct access to the lagoon and children under 12s are not allowed to use the Retreat’s spa they cannot stay on the first floor.

I know it looks expensive but staying at Retreat Blue Lagoon is a unique experience which should not be missed when visit Iceland!

The Retreat hotel Blue Lagoon Iceland is among the best hotels from the country –check it out!