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Sunny Beach Bulgaria Weather: Best Time to Visit

Weather in Sunny Beach Bulgaria

The climate in Bulgaria is moderate-continental. There are large temperature differences in between night and day along with very well delimited seasons across the year.

However, the weather and climate on the bright and gold coastlines are strongly affected by the Black Sea.

For that reason, Sunny Beach Bulgaria weather has Mediterranean characteristics in the coastal location. The sea is a kind of warmth shop and also at the same time ensures certain dramatically lower temperature changes because of the wind.

weather in Sunny Beach Bulgaria
weather Sunny Beach Bulgaria

The dry summertime is not quite as hot, however, the winter times are not quite as cool as in the rest of the nation.

The warmest months are July and August, as well as they have the lowest moisture. The best time to check out the sunny beach in Bulgaria is the summer season from the end of May to the start of October. July to September is the absolute high season and the majority of hotels and clubs close in mid-October.

Days are generally very hot with balmy evenings, so you don’t have to wear long sleeves or jackets anytime!

The average daily temperature is around 26 degrees Celsius during daytime and decreases to an average of 18 degrees Celsius during the night.

Sunny Beach Bulgaria weather
weather at Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Another great news about the weather in Sunny Beach Bulgaria is that during the summer season there are very few days with rain. According to the official records, you’ll have about 65% chances to have a perfect day for laying in the sun, while the rest of 35% chances are referring to seeing some clouds in the sky.

Clouds do not necessarily mean rain. In the summer months, the average rainfall per month is 13 mm.

Sunny beach Bulgaria weather

Here is a very comprising table about the all year round weather in Sunny Beach Bulgaria:

Precip (mm)252026192628211524352827
Rain days8812101511959101010

This is all you need to know about the weather in Sunny Beach Bulgaria!

Not just the weather, but also the prices, the quality of food and the people make from this place one of the best summer destinations from Europe!