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Insights from Frequent Travellers: Sunny Beach Bulgaria Reviews

Sunny Beach Bulgaria Reviews

One of the most popular bulgarian resorts located on the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is Sunny Beach.

The resort is famous for its long strip of sand ( there are 15 kilometres of golden sand), vibrant nightlife, aqua parks, friendly people and good food.

Another thing which attracts tourists like a magnet here is the low cost of hotels and food.

Sunny Beach Bulgaria reviews

Sunny Beaches Bulgaria review

Here, in this resort you can party like in Ibiza, stay in a fancy hotel and pay not more than a few hundred euros for the entire trip!

Yeah! You read it correctly!

This resort has a really awesome price-quality ratio!

Now that you know how expensive it is, let me share with you my Sunny Beach Bulgaria reviews.

I will take the fact step by step and tell you if and why it’s worth visiting Sunny Beach.

The beach

Because this is a beach resort I will start my analysis with the beach.

Like I said earlier, there is a huge strip of sand with a total length of more than 15 kilometres.

It is full of golden sand and you have plenty of space where to put your towel and enjoy the Bulgarian sun.

Even if the beach is huge it is always full of people because of its clear waters and high standards.

Oh! I forgot to tell you!

This beach is almost constantly rewarded with the blue flag certification!

Sunny Beach Bulgaria Blue flag Black Sea Coast

Sunny Beach Bulgaria Blue flag Black Sea Coast


In general, the beaches are divided into two zones: paid and free.

Even if there are paid zones, the prices are more than reasonable!

You will pay around 10 levas ( approx 5 euros) for a sunbed or an umbrella.

The beach has all the facilities you need: showers, changing areas and toilets. In general, the prices for a toilet are less than 1 leva.

My Sunny Beach Bulgaria reviews continue with very interesting news!

To keep the beaches and the waters clean, food and drinks are forbidden on the beach.

You can eat and drink at the bars and restaurants near the wonderful strip of sand.

Overall the beach is clean and peaceful, a good place to go if you want to lay in the sun and relax!

The food

Let’s move on with the Sunny Beach Bulgaria review and talk a little bit about food.

In general, the Bulgarian food is a mix between the greek and the Turkish cuisine.

The food is tasty, the wine is good, so I am sure you will not encounter any problems in this chapter.

I strongly recommend you to eat at a mehana, their traditional restaurant where you can eat traditional food.

Eat in a bulgarian mehana

Eat in a bulgarian mehana


Most of the restaurants serve a mix of international and local cuisine, and the quality of the food is mainly given by the price.

What I am trying to tell you is that all-inclusive regimes for which you will pay less money will generally give you mediocre food and you cannot enjoy the real traditional cuisine.

Maybe you should pay a little bit more or go eat at mehanas to really taste the Bulgarian dishes.

The accommodation

This is a tough one! Sunny Beach resort is a man’s made creation dating from 1953.

It started with a few hotels and guesthouses and today it has a few hundred places where you can spend your holiday.

There are hotels suitable for all budgets, all preferences and all types of vacations.

Some of them are located right in the centre of the resort, close to the busy streets and active nightlife, while others are more remote, in quieter places where you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful holiday.

From all the resorts from Sunny Beach, my favourite are RIU Hotel and Melia Sunny Beach.

I like Riu Palace Sunny Beach because it is an adults-only resort, located close to the beach, with an amazing outdoor pool, a great spa and very clean and new rooms.

By the way, the hotel is brand new as it was open in 2019.

Riu Palace Sunny Beach Bulgaria Hotel

Riu Palace Sunny Beach Bulgaria Hotel


As for Melia Sunny Beach , it is a family resort with many special designated areas for kids, spacious rooms, a mini aqua park, tasty food and amazing services.

What I liked at this resort was the services and the view from our room!

Melia Sunny Beach Bulgaria Hotel all inclusive

Melia Sunny Beach Bulgaria Hotel all inclusive


Sunny Beach Bulgaria reviews about the hotels could go on, but I prefer to write a distinct article about this subject.


Wow! This is one of the main reasons why people go to Sunny Beach!

They come here to party 24/7, to meet new people and have fun!

There are many bars and clubs where you can party till morning!

No matter if you choose to go into a bar and drink a cocktail with your friends or you are looking for a themed party like foam parties, this resort has something for everybody!

party on sunny beach bulgaria

party on sunny beach bulgaria


In my opinion, the ultimate experience is to go to a party on a boat!

Just imagine!

You are in the middle of the sea, overlooking the city lights, drinking good quality champagne and dancing the whole night with your friends!

That must be fabulous!

So, does it worth spending a holiday in Sunny Beach?

I would definitely say yes!

I would not go there in August, because it is too crowded but this resort is a great destination for your summer holiday!