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Discovering the Best Beaches in Nessebar, Bulgaria

Nessebar Bulgaria beaches

Located right on Black Sea Coast, Nessebar is one of the oldest towns from Bulgaria. It is located 35 kilometres away from Burgas and 120 kilometres south of Balchik.

Over the centuries Nessebar has lost its territory! About one-third of the area has been covered by the sea. Underwater at 80 meters distance from shore, can still see the remains of the old citadel wall surfaces.

Nessebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe, constructed on the ruins of the ancient Thracian settlement Mesambria. “Mesambria” can be translated as “city of Mels’ probably the name of the person who built up the settlement.

Nessebar Bulgaria beaches sun bed Nessebar beaches Bulgaria

Bulgaria Beach Nessebar sun bed | Nessebar beaches Bulgaria

The town was given to the Greeks when they conquered the settlement in 510 after Christ. God Apollo was chosen to be the patron of the city and the Greeks constructed a temple and a movie theatre in his honour.

From the third century after Christ there started to be produced gold coins.

But enough about Nessebar history! Let’s get directly to the point and discuss the wonderful Bulgaria beaches Nessebar.

Nessebar has multiple beaches, located all over the town. Three are bigger and more popular:

  1. The South Beach of Nessebar known by everybody the Dune
  2. The North Beach of Nessebar
  3. The strip of sand behind rocks

Let me tell you a few details about each of them!

1. The Dune or the south strip of sand

One of the most beautiful Nessebar Bulgaria beaches is the Dune. In my opinion, this is the best strip of sand from the town and is a favourite spot among families with children.

The beach has all the facilities needed for a perfect day near the sea. There are shops where you can buy water or juice, toilets, a place where you can wash your feet and even a lifeguard to watch you.

The bottom of the sea right near the shore is sandy and has a few slopes. You walk a little bit until the water level increases.

What I like about this beach is the fact that it is clean. It is even cleaner than the ones from Sunny Beach. The water is a little bit colder than the one from the north part of the town but this is something you can live with.

The size of the beach is more than decent; it has 2 kilometres long out of which more than 1 kilometre is considered to be a free zone.

On the Dune, you can find sunbeds and umbrellas at a reasonable price. If I remember correctly, I paid less than 20 levas for an umbrella and a sunbed.

2. The North Beach of Nessebar

Located between Nessebar and Sunny Beach the North strip of sand is big, beautiful and has very fine sand. You can find here all the facilities needed: changing cabins, restaurants, umbrellas and sun chairs. The cost for an umbrella and for a sunchair is around 8 levas per piece.

The beach is guarded by lifeguards and there is always an ambulance in the area, so you should not be worried about your safety when bathing on one of the most beautiful Nessebar Bulgaria beaches.

best Nessebar Bulgaria beaches Bulgaria beaches Nessebar

Bulgaria Beach on the black sea| Bulgaria Beaches Nessebar

The water is pretty warm as this strip of sand is located in a bay.
This beautiful strip of sand flows into the beaches of Sunny beach so expect something more touristy and crowded.

There are also free zones on this beautiful strip of sand but the majority of the space is occupied by paid sun chairs and umbrellas.

3. The strip of sand behind rocks

This strip of sand is located close to the city park. It is a pretty small beach, not very accessible.

To get to the sea you need to climb over a heap of stones. This is the main reason why I consider this strip of sand not very good for families with children.

The bottom of the sea right near the shore is sandy but there are very strong currents which sneak between your feet and make you lose balance. There is also a very steep descent into the water. In less than 10 meters, you are in the water up to the neck.

The beach does not have any facilities, so don’t expect to find here lifeguards, changing facilities or restaurants.

The great news is that in less than 5 minutes you reach the city centre where you can buy something to drink and a snack.

Even if it is pretty inaccessible, the beach is pretty crowded during peak season, but there will always be a place where to put your umbrella.

Where to sleep:

You can book your accommodation in Nessebar or in Sunny Beach.

For Nessebar, we recommend you to stay at Aphrodite Beach Hotel Nessebar , a wonderful 4 stars resort located right near the beach with a great outdoor pool, clean rooms and excellent services. Nessebar Old Town is within 15 minutes walking from the hotel, while Aqua Park Nessebar and Aqua Park Sunny Beach are right near your accommodation.

If you want to stay in a resort and not in the town, then you should look for accommodation in Sunny Beach Bulgaria beaches. We stayed at Riu Palace Sunny Beach , a beautiful 5 stars resort located right near the beach with easy access to bars and restaurants where you can party till morning. The rooms, the food, the amenities and the services are one of the best!

These are the most important Nessebar Bulgaria beaches where you can spend your time in Bulgaria. The landscape is amazing, the water is warm and the sand is extremely fine.

What are you waiting for?! See them by yourself!


Thursday 13th of August 2020

Wow.. Loved your blogs. Read 2-3 of them on Bulgaria beaches. So informative and detailed. Thanks for sharing!

MagicandBliss |

Sonia Hash

Friday 14th of August 2020

Hi MagicandBliss! Thank you for your appreciation! We are glad you found our articles useful! Maybe next time you will visit this amazing country!