Best bulgarian beach resort: Golden Sands vs Sunny Beach

Are you looking for a cheap summer destination, somewhere in Europe?

Then you should have a look at Bulgarian beach resorts. Golden Sands and Sunny Beach are two of the most famous resorts in the Black Sea.

Many European choose to spend their holidays on the Black Sea Coast because of its beautiful golden sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife, and beautiful landscape and low prices.

Golden Sands Bulgaria beach
Golden Sands Bulgaria beach

More than that, Bulgaria is very easy to reach by car or by plane, being located in the southeast part of Europe. Along the Black Sea Bulgarian coast, there are 2 airports, one at Burgas and another one at Varna.

During the summer season, many charters and planes link these two airports with the main European cities.

From the US to England or the Netherlands there are many cheap flights and from there to Bulgaria is just a short ride.

But, which resorts is more beautiful? Where to go? Which suites you better? Most of the hotels from these resorts are all-inclusive and has access to a strip of Black Sea beach.

Let’s compare these resorts from the following perspectives: transportation costs, beaches and things to do! Below please find a few words about each of these two beautiful places. For sure these will make your decision easier!

Golden Sands Bulgarian Beach

This holiday resort is located close to Varna, at only 16 km away from Varna Airport.

Although it has many luxury hotels, this place is cheaper than Sunny Beach. On Golden Sand, you can find accommodation of all ranges, from 3-star hotels to 5-star hotels, the prices varying from few dollars to a few hundred dollars per night.

Most of the resorts are all-inclusive and child-friendly with pools, entertainment, and so on. The quality of the food and the cleanness from the rooms usually reflect the price level.

Golden Sands Bulgarian beach
Golden sands bulgaria beaches

Are you planning to visit Golden Sands? See which are the available options for your stay

Regarding the beaches from the Black Sea Coast, this resort has only 3.5 km of beach. Although the beach is so short it is very width. In most places, the beach has 100 m width.

After a few days at the beach, for sure you will be interested in visiting new places.

From Golden Sands, you can visit Queen Mary Castle with its gardens from Balchik, which is only 25 km away and Aquapolis Aqua Park and Maimunarnika Rope Park. All these places are very beautiful and worth paying them a visit!

Sunny Beach Bulgarian Beach

This resort is located close to Burgas, at 40 km away from Burgas Airport. Like other resorts from Bulgaria, this too has many all-inclusive hotels.

Bulgarian Beach Sunny Beach
Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Are you planning to visit Sunny Beach? See which are the available options for your stay

The prices of hotels and restaurants from this resort are higher than other hotels from the Black Sea Coast. This is mainly because of the beach quality.

The beaches from this resort have a “blue flag” distinction.

It has a very soft sand beach which stretches along a semicircular bay.

A big disadvantage of this famous beach is that it is very crowded during peak season. And trust me, after you see the sand you will understand why it is so crowded!

Like Golden Sands, this resort has many interesting things to visit in the nearby area. Nessebar is only 3.5 km away and is one of the most picturesque and well preserved medieval villages from Bulgaria.

It is a very charming place! I really felt in love with it! It was love at first sight!

You also can take a day trip to Sophia, the capital of the country or to Plovdiv, an iconic city of Bulgaria.
There is also a waterpark in the area!

It is called Action Acquapark! You will feel like a kid going to this waterpark on Bulgarian beach!

Regarding the nightlife, I would say that Sunny Beach has a more vibrant and interesting nightlife than the other resort. Golden Sand is more suitable for families and people searching for quiet nights!

Overall, both resorts are beautiful and worth paying a visit!

If you are looking for nightlife, more stylish hotels and many things to do around, than Suny beach is the right choice. If you are searching for a more quiet and relaxing holiday, then you should choose Golden Sands.

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