The top 3 Best beaches in Sri Lanka near Colombo

In the capital of Sri Lanka you will find the best beaches in Sri Lanka near Colombo.

The teardrop-shaped island is one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in the world.

No matter if you are looking for fun, for culture or to spend some days on a beach, Sri Lanka offers all these things.

Sri Lanka beaches are one of the most relaxing and incredible beaches in the world.

All over the island, there are beaches suitable for each of us: some of them are very popular and entertaining, while others are more relaxing.

3 Best beaches in Sri Lanka near Colombo

Having so many beaches, it is very hard for you to decide which one is the best.

For those of you who want to spend some days at the beach close to Colombo, I prepared a top with the top beaches in Sri Lanka near Colombo.

The west coast of Sri Lanka does not have very beautiful beaches, like the other sides of the island but the big advantage is that they are close to the airport and you don’t need to rent a car to get to them.

You can take a taxi or a tuk-tuk from your hotel to the beach.

1. Negombo beach

Negombo is an hour drive from Colombo and 40 minutes away from the international airport.

It is a good choice to spend here a few days before you start your trip around Sri Lanka.

The city is pretty crowded and the beach is not very spectacular but worth giving a chance.

3 best beaches in Sri Lanka near Colombo
Negombo beach near Colombo


There are plenty of hotels close to the beach, most of them are pretty luxurious and offer high-quality services.

There are also medium level hotels and villas with more reasonable prices and good conditions to spend a few nights in this town.

Because the beach is not that spectacular you can choose a fancier hotel, just to spoil yourself a little bit!

We did so and it was a very interesting experience!

Looking for the perfect place to spend some memorable days near the beach?

See which are the available options for your stay!

2. Mount Lavinia

Mount Lavinia is one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka near Colombo.

Actually, this is the closest beach to Colombo. It is located on Colombo’s suburban area, is a very popular destination among tourists and locals, too.

Around the beach, there are many pubs and restaurants being the ideal place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine.

During the weekend it is pretty crowded with locals and noisy.

During the week Mount Lavinia is a good place to relax and listen to ocean waves.

3 best beaches in Sri Lanka near Colombo
Mount Lavinia beach Colombo


Right on the beach, with a beautiful view of the ocean, there is a colonial-style hotel with a private beach and a terrace overlooking the golf and Colombo city.

Mount Lavinia Hotel as is named is a very nice hotel with beautifully furnished rooms, a span centre and 3 restaurants where you can taste the international and local cuisine.

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3. Panadura

Panadura Beach is a family-friendly beach, located 1-hour drive from Colombo. Like Mount Lavinia, the beach is very crowded at the weekend but relaxing during the week.

Many locals use to spend their evenings in restaurants and bar from the beach area.

On the list with best beaches in Sri Lanka near Colombo, I would include Panadura beach because it is a nice and wide strip of golden sand with many places where your kids can play while you listen to the ocean sound.

There is even a pay kid park where you can let your child play!

3 best beaches in Sri Lanka near Colombo
Panadura beach Colombo

Around the beach, there are a few restaurants and strolls from where you can take a snack while you enjoy the ocean view.

There are some hotels in the area if you are interested in spending some nights in the area before you leave Sri Lanka or before start your tour around the country.

Looking for the perfect retreat near the beach? See which are the available options for your stay!

None of these beaches are breath-taking but they are the ideal place to relax and prepare yourself for the island tour!

I would not spend more than 2 or 3 night here but I would include them on my itinerary when in Sri Lanka.

These 3 best beaches in Sri Lanka near Colombo are the perfect getaway for locals and a very nice retreat for tourists!

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