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Essential Tips for a Perfect Beach Holiday in Bulgaria

Looking for the perfect beach Bulgaria holiday? You are in the right place!
We visited Bulgaria and its seaside for many times and I can tell you that it is one of the best summer destinations from Europe.

It is cheap, the services are good and people are friendly and willing to help you.

Best Beach Bulgaria

Best Beach in Bulgaria

During my trips to Bulgaria, I met so many great people and I found out many interesting things and useful tips. And now, I want to share them with you!

1. Sunny Beach is the biggest Bulgaria beach but very crowded

I am sure that most of you heard about Sunny Beach. It is the largest beach Bulgaria has with around 8 kilometres long and about 50 m weight.

Yeah! It is huge! But during peak season it is stuck with tourists! You hardly can find a place to put your towel! That is why I don’t recommend it to anybody! It is beautiful but it is too crowded and noisy! If you are looking for a more relaxing place, then don’t go to Sunny Beach.

2. Nessebar has quite a lovely beach

Nessebar is generally known as a great day trip destination but actually it is more than that. It has its own strip of sand, a wonderful and pretty intimate place pretty popular among locals.

Most tourists who come to Nessebar visit the old town and its ruins and don’t go to the sea. Just a few minutes away is the huge Sunny beach Bulgaria and tourists go there if they want to take a bath. But I advise you to try Nessebar strip of sand! It is not as touristy and crowded as Sunny Beach!

3. Sveti Vlas beach is the perfect place for families

If you are looking for the perfect family summer destination, then you should visit Sveti Vlas Bulgaria beach. It is a very beautiful strip of sand with turquoise waters, clean sand and wonderful bars and restaurants in the nearby area. The sandstrip is accessible by foot and you have all the facilities needed very close by.

4. Try the secluded beaches from Thracian Cliff Golf and Spa

I am not sure if these two wonderful strips of sand are private or not… you’d better check them out first! But when we were there I saw many people outside the resort on the beach!

Both beaches are located inside the Thracian Cliff Golf and Spa and you can reach them by resort train which moves around the resort.

If you want to combine relaxation with some physical activities, then Thracian Cliffs resort and spa are the ideal places. You can take some golf lessons in the morning and relax at the beach in the afternoon. Or vice versa! Ha-ha! Anyway, you will have some great moments here!

If I would have to choose from these two strips of sand, I would definitely pick Argata as the best Bulgaria beach. It is very intimate and beautiful! It has a very exotic air!

5. Kara Dere the best wild beach Bulgaria has

Are you looking for a wild strip of sand where you can reconnect with nature? Great! Kara Dere is the right place for you! The place is pretty inaccessible! I mean you can reach it by car but there is a bumpy road to it!

Kara Dere Beach Bulgaria

Kara Dere Bulgaria Beach

There are no restaurants and bars in the area! Also, the beach does not have any facilities nearby! So keep these in mind before going there and take with you everything you need! Besides those minor disadvantages, the beach is incredibly beautiful and peaceful!

I hope you have a clue about Bulgaria beaches and which one suits you best! There are many other wonderful sand strips on the Bulgarian Riviera waiting for you!

A good option is to rent a car and explore the Bulgarian coast! I am sure you will be amazed by its beauty!

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