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Insider Tips for Exploring the Netherlands Countryside

Travel tips for Netherlands countryside

Netherlands countryside is an area very little explored. It has great potential, wonderful places but most tourists who come to Netherlands visit just Amsterdam and maybe they do a day trip somewhere near Amsterdam. But nothing more! And it is such a pity because the Netherlands countryside is one of the most interesting and unique places I have seen in Europe.

travel tips for Netherlands countryside

Netherlands countryside meadow

No matter which time of year you decide to visit Netherlands, this country always has something to offer: from tulip fields in springtime to charming windmills villages spread all over the country, I am sure that you will find many interesting things to explore.

Still, Netherlands countryside is a pretty vague term and the country is pretty vast so you cannot explore the whole area in a single holiday.

For first time visitors I strongly recommend exploring a large variety of things spread across the country and always to give them some very useful travel tips for Netherlands countryside:

1. Explore Netherlands in spring if you want to see the tulips in blossom

Blossoming is a natural phenomenon, so it cannot be controlled by anybody. Generally, the best time to visit Netherlands for tulips is from late March to the beginning of May, but it might vary depending on weather conditions.

Tulips of Netherlands in spring

Tulips of Netherlands in spring

During this time huge fields cultivated with colourful flowers beautify the country. Everywhere you look and everywhere you go you see just flowers. Most farmers cultivate them for bulbs but still, there are endless fields with these wonderful flowers.

The most emblematic place in the Netherlands for flowers is Keukenhof, the largest flower garden in the world. It is located just 30 minutes away from Amsterdam and there are many day tours from the city to Keukenhof. We recommend you to book From Amsterdam: Fast-Track Keukenhof Ticket and Transfer and explore this wonderful place!

Guide Amsterdam Fast-Track Keukenhof Ticket and Transfer

Amsterdam Fast-Track Keukenhof Ticket and Transfer

2. Sleep in a windmill

Some of the old windmills had been transformed into hotels. Yeah! Tiny and cosy hotels! And a trip to Holland is not complete without spending a night in a windmill hotel.

Molen Hunsingo Netherlands Countryside Windmill

Molen Hunsingo Netherlands Countryside Windmill

We spent a night at Molen Hunsingo , 200 kilometres away from Amsterdam. The food is good, the services are great but above all is the experience! A really great experience which we will not forget very soon!

3. Visit Edam and buy some local cheese one of the best travel tips for Netherlands countryside

Edam is a small village located just 20 kilometres away from Amsterdam. This is the place where the cheese with the same name was born. If you are a cheese lover I am sure you heard about it, but if you don’t…well it is time to try this unique speciality of cheese.

Edam Holland cheese

Edam Holland cheese

When you pass by don’t forget to visit the XVIII century cheese warehouse and after that take a walk along the narrow streets full of cheese shops. And of course, don’t leave Edam without buying some cheese! It has a very mild flavour and almost no smell if you compare it with other cheese.

4. Buy some wooden clogs

These wooden clogs had been the traditional footwear for many many centuries and today they have a very precise role in the national culture.

Volendam, a small town close to Amsterdam is one of the best places to go and see the local craftsmen carving and painting these wonderful shoes.

Marken Netherlands wooden clogs

Marken Netherlands wooden clogs

You can book a day trip from Amsterdam to Volendam, Edam and windmills from Zaanse Schans to explore the whole area near Amsterdam. This tour has transport and a guide included and is the best way to explore the historical sites and taste the local cheese.

5. Explore Kinderdijk

One of the best travel tips for Netherlands received from an old friend of mine was to explore Kinderdijk and not Zaanse Schanse. It is less touristy and crowded! And he was so true!

Kinderdijk is located close to Rotterdam, just 15 kilometres away and it is accessible by boat.

Netherlands Countryside Windmills Kinderdijk

Netherlands Countryside Windmills Kinderdijk

The place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site 1997 and is one of the most representative places for the Netherlands countryside.

Some of the windmills are still working, while others are open and can be visited by tourists. It was such a great way to spend a day in the countryside.
We bought a lot of souvenirs and we took some really great photos on this trip!
Definitely the Netherlands countryside was a wonderful surprise for us! These useful travel tips for Netherlands countryside are based on our own experience and refers to what we consider “must-see” things in Holland!

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Saturday 16th of May 2020

This is a great post. Sleeping in a windmill is something I had never heard of. Hopefully I will plan to visit Netherlands soon. Thanks for sharing!

Sonia Hash

Sunday 24th of May 2020

Hi! Thank you for your feedback! Netherlands countryside was a nice surprise for us! We have some memorable moments there! And yes, sleeping in a windmill is something which you definitely should try!


Wednesday 15th of April 2020

I would love to see the tulips in blossom! I had never thought about going to the countryside in the Netherlands... but it looks amazing!