3 Best Sri Lanka Beaches you must visit

A holiday on the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is not complete without spending at least a few days on Sri Lanka beaches. What could be more relaxing on a Sri Lanka holidays then lying in the sun on a beautiful day listening to ocean waves?!

Sri Lanka has everything you could wish for: national parks for animal lovers, ancient ruins and historical temples for those of you who love history and culture, perfect ocean currents for a good quality Sri Lanka surf and many beautiful beaches to relax.

Now, Sri Lanka recovered after the 2004 tsunami and is a top destination in South Asia for sun, swimming, and surfing. We hope that what happened in April 2019 in Sri Lanka and I am speaking about the terrorist attack was just an isolated event which will never happen again.

The country is very beautiful and nice with many interesting places to visit and things to do. One of the most important attractions of the area are the beaches. They are spread all around the island and are equally beautiful and picturesque. It is almost impossible to visit all the beaches during your Sri Lanka trip. That is why I prepared for you a top 3 with the most beautiful beaches on this island.

Top 3 BEST Sri Lanka beaches for your perfect Sri Lanka holidays

If you are looking for perfect SriLanka beaches for sunbathing then you should visit Tangalle beach, Unawatuna beach or Bentota beach. There are many hotels and B&B’s in the area suitable for all budgets! Spend a few nights to any of these beaches to relax and enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

1. Tangalle beach

Tangalle beach is one of the most beautiful beaches from Sri Lanka and a very popular destination among tourists. Its long sandy beach with a tropical air is the perfect place to spend your mornings or afternoons on a hot summer day. The picture is completed with the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The water is warm but every time you go for a swim be careful to the ocean currents; they are very strong and pretty dangerous! If you feel tired or you are not a good swimmer, maybe it is not a good idea to swim too far from the shore.

Sri Lanka Holidays beach in Sri Lanka
Best Sri Lanka Beaches – Tangalle Beach

The sunsets on the beach are just breathtaking! I have no words to describe the feelings created by seeing a sunset from Tangalle beach!

For sure, it is not a one-day destination! I would recommend you to spend at least three days there during your Sri Lanka holidays. For an overnight stay, I prefer to choose a hotel. Golden Pearl Tangalle is a good option because of the services offered, the good report quality/ price and its close location to one of the best Sri Lanka beaches.

If you are looking for something more classy and you are willing to spend more for a one night sleep, then Coco Tangalle is more suitable. You will like the rooms, breakfast and the outdoor pool.

None of these hotels match with your wishlist? No worries! There are many more hotels in the area! Most of them are close to the beach and offer tasty traditional food and fresh fruits. Check them out!

2. Unawatuna beach

Unawatuna beach is a very trendy and vibrant beach of Sri Lanka. Being so publicized it is less wild than other beautiful beaches from the island. The 2004 tsunami destroyed almost the entire town. Where it used to be local houses, big buildings which accommodate tourists appeared. Now, it is a very mixed place: traditional houses and modern hotels are woven along with the city.

The area is full of cafes which serve very tasty food at good prices; the accommodation offer is also very varied. The beach is very beautiful and ocean currents are moderate compared with other places nearby. Because of these good conditions, the town and also the beach is pretty crowded with tourists and also locals.

best Sri Lanka beaches
Unawatuna Beach – Best Sri Lanka Beaches

The best place for swimming is in the south part of the beach. I would say it is less crowded and fewer boats cross that area. There are so many activities you should try during your Sri Lanka holidays in Tangalle! You should book at least 3 nights here.

Just think about it! How amazing is to wake up in the morning and see the ocean from your bed! Oh! It is just perfect! The Waves Unawatuna offers such views from its rooms! More than that, the rooms are very clean and very spacious! It is a good option for spending some nights in Sri Lanka beaches.

Oh! I get it! You might be looking for something fancier! No worries! Like I said! Unawatuna has a large range of accommodations! Try Joe's Resort Unawatuna! From the moment you will pass the entry gate you will fall in love with this property! It is very well maintained and the rooms are clean and have a beautiful view!

None of these proposals like you? There are so many hotels and guestrooms to choose from! Have a look here! Some of them are very close to the beach!

3. Bentota beach

Located pretty close to Colombo, at only 60 km south of Sri Lanka capital, Bentota beach is a developed and trendy beach.

The best time of the year for your Sri Lanka holidays to this beach is from October to April. During these months you can lay in the sun or swim in the ocean on a sunny day without being worried that the rain might ruin your day. Be careful! Before bathing in the ocean keep an eye to the flags showed by the lifeguards. It is pretty common to see the red flag because the currents are pretty strong all over the island.

Sri Lanka beaches from the area offer many opportunities for entertainment and have all the facilities needed by tourists. On the spot, you can find banks, restaurants, shops for souvenirs, a railway station, and fancy hotels.

Bentota beach the best beach in Sri Lanka
Bentota beach

If you get bored by laying in the sun you can choose to go on a cruise on Bentota river or try water sports. What?! You don’t know?!

Bentota is Sri Lanka’s capital of water sports! All you need is a little spirit of adventure as there are many kinds of water sports to try.

After such exhausting days, you need a good place to sleep! No worries! There are plenty of options! You want to get spoiled and are ready to spend a few dollars extra for superb breakfast and a nice and spacious room? Then I would recommend you to stay at Taru Villas - The Muse.

Or on your Sri Lanka holidays, you prefer to have an outdoor pool and be hosted by very friendly owners? Siroma Villa Bentota is the solution for you! This place has a very friendly and casual atmosphere, being the perfect place to make new friends and new memories.

You are still not sure if these accommodations are what you are looking for? There are many other hotels in the area! Have a look at all of them! You’ll find something perfect for your stay!

As you have already guessed, there are many beautiful Sri Lanka beaches and many activities which you can enjoy during your holiday.

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When choosing a beach take into consideration the period of the year when you want to go. We chose Unawatuna beach as we traveled in Sri Lanka in March. It is an authentic tropical beach with beautiful palms near the water and with epic sunsets. We definitely recommend it if you travel to Sri Lanka between December to April and July to September.

I would say that the perfect way to end Sri Lanka holidays is with some days on Sri Lanka beaches. In this way, you can enjoy a few days of complete relaxation and peace!

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