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These are the 3 stunning Sri Lanka beaches east coast

For many years on the row, this part of Sri Lanka was not recommended for travelling as it was considered a very dangerous zone during the Civil War and most Sri Lanka beaches east coast remain unknown.

As tourists avoid it, this is the part of the island that remains pretty much undeveloped and unpopular among tourists from all over the world.

You most probably heard many beautiful things about the south coast and the west coast, as these are more popular.

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Famous beaches like Mirissa, Unawatuna or Bentota are located in these parts of the island and they are more easily to reach from Colombo International Airport.

But in the last couple of years, things start to change, and more and more bars and hotels appear and tourists come to visit this untamed part of Sri Lanka.

Infrastructure is still under development and the place hides many pristine beaches, traditional villages and natural wonders.


Trincomalee Sri Lanka beaches east coast

Trincomalee Sri Lanka Beach Coast


The area near Kalkudah keeps its peaceful vibe and traditional atmosphere with its pristine beaches that start to be discovered by tourists.

On the northern part of the eastern coast, lies the historic town of Trincomalee famous for its beautiful natural harbour and the beautiful beaches of Nilaveli, Uppuveli and Kuchchaveli.

On the other side of the eastern coast, in the south, there is Arugam Bay, a place famous among surfers for having the best waves for surfers from the entire island.

Let’s discover together which are the three most beautiful beaches from the eastern coast of Sri Lanka and why you should include them into your travel list.

Sri Lanka beaches east coast


Trincomalee, also known as Trinco is the best beach in the eastern part for those of you looking to swim in the warm and shallow waters of the Indian Ocean.

The city is located on a peninsula and is the anglicized version of the Tamil world Tirukonamalai which means “ lord of the sacred hill”.


Pristine beach Trincomalee Sri Lanka

Pristine beach Trincomalee Sri Lanka


The city of Trincomalee is also home of the largest Dutch fort in Sri Lanka and a strategic naval base and Air Force base for the Sri Lanka army.

The beaches from the bay of Trincomalee are the perfect place for relaxing and practising water sports like scuba diving, surfing, fishing and whale watching.

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The waves on these Sri Lanka east coast beaches are practically non-existent and the flat waters create great conditions for snorkelling.

Pigeon Island, Uppuveli and Nilaveli Beach are the most famous places from the area where to practice snorkelling as the waters around these areas are full of marine species and fish.

With their calming waters, Uppuveli and Nilaveli are not great just for snorkelling, but also for relaxing and perfecting your tan.

Nilaveli is a long stretch of beach lined with palm trees and soft white sand with turquoise waters and a very chill vibe.

Uppuveli beach, on the other hand, is a long and sandy beach with no waves, more popular among tourists and locals.


Sri Lanka beaches east coast is yet at the development phase so most of the hotels are new and extremely beautiful.

Amaranthe Bay Resort Spa Trincomalee is one of those beautiful hotels located close to Uppuveli beach, 3 miles north to Trincomalee town.

With spacious and contemporary furnished rooms, incredible services and welcoming staff, the hotel offers a wide range of experiences, products and services.

Upon request, the hotel can arrange for you cycling tours, fishing and canoeing sessions to enjoy your time spent on these Sri Lanka east coast beaches.

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Passekudah Bay

Unfortunately, this part of the island suffered a lot after the long years of the Civil War and the devastating tsunami from 2004.

But the good news is that it started to recover and the process is quite rapid and new resorts appeared along the long stretch of golden beach.



The best time of the year to visit this part of the island and Sri Lanka beaches east coast is between May to October when it is the dry season.

The area is perfect for snorkelling, swimming and fishing and hides many interesting attractions which await to be discovered.

While in the area, pay a visit to the beautiful village of Kalkudah, located just a few kilometres south to Passekudah.


Karpaha Sands is a luxury boutique hotel offering glamping on the pristine Kalkudah beach, on the Eastern part of Sri Lanka.

There are just 17 private luxury tented suites that offer to its guests an incredible experience in the middle of nature.

In this glamping from one of the most beautiful Sri Lanka east coast beaches, luxury meet authenticity and guests can stay close to nature but have all the necessary amenities for a luxurious getaway.

You can relax under a palm tree or swim in the beautiful infinity pool or jump directly into the ocean, located just one foot away.

Arugam Bay

One of the most famous beaches from the whole island, Sri Lanka is a very developed resort with many hotels and restaurants, extremely popular among tourists.

It offers one of the best waves for surfing from all over the island and here you can find one of the most stunning beaches of Sri Lanka, with white sand and turquoise waters.


Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka


Arugam Bay is the best Sri Lanka beaches east coast for relaxing a few days before starting your tour across the island.

It is also a great base to set your camp and explore the beautiful sri lankan landscape.

Among the most popular attractions located close to Arugam Bay are Yala National Park or Lahugala National Park, as well as Kudumbigala archaeological reserve.


Arugam Bay Sri Lanka Beach

Arugam Bay Sri Lanka Beach


You’d better hurry up and visit this beautiful place before it gets too crowded as the number of tourists and surfers from all over the world who visit this place increase considerably from one year to another.


Blue Waters Arugam Bay is an eco-friendly beach resort located right on the beach near some of the most important surf points from the area.


Arugam Bay Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay Sri Lanka


The hotel offers to its guests’ luxurious rooms and open-air settings that leave a minimum carbon footprint while offering great opportunities to enjoy Sri Lanka nature.

On-site there is a restaurant where guests can have all the daily meals, a garden with barbecue facilities and free private parking.


One of the most affected parts of Sri Lanka by the Civil War and the 2004 tsunami, Sri Lanka east coast beaches and towns start the long and hard process of recovery.

This is still an untamed part of the island with many beautiful treasures waiting to be discovered by you, the curious tourist.

Waves on Sri Lanka Beach

Great Waves for surfing on Sri Lanka Beach


You might not find the best hotels from the island, but for sure you will find one of the most incredible views of the ocean and pure nature.

Friendly locals and tasty food are another two reasons which you have to take into consideration when planning a trip to Sri Lanka.

It is an incredibly beautiful area of the island and definitely worth paying a visit, no matter if you want to explore the area or just spend a few days at the beach.