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Top 5 Beaches in South Sri Lanka

With so many beaches all over the country, Sri Lanka is one of the most popular beach destinations in the world for swimming, surfing, and sun.

That is why it is very difficult to make a top with the best beaches in south Sri Lanka and all over the country.

In 2009, the civil war from Sri Lanka ended and the country began to recover and shine like a pearl in the middle of the ocean.

Beautiful beach resorts started to appear near the most beautiful beaches in the country.

The hospitability of the locals, the beauty of the ocean, the abundance of wildlife and the ancient ruins are just some of the things which convince tourists to visit this island.

The country was hit again in 2019 when a terrorist attack occurred.

The attack created panic and chaos and for a short period of time most embassies issued an alert message which in our days was cancelled and Sri Lanka starts to regain its glory.

Some of us travel to Sri Lanka looking for the perfect beach holiday, while others are interested in a country tour ended with a few days on the beach.

The most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka are located in the southwestern part of the country.

Here is a top 5 best beaches in south Sri Lanka:

1. Bentota beach

A very popular beach among tourists, Bentota beach is one of the best destinations if you travel between October to April.

It is a long strip of golden sand with beautiful turquoise waters ideal for swimming.

On this beach, the currents are not that strong compared with other beaches from the area.

When the ocean currents become stronger, a red warning flag appears and you know that swimming is forbidden.

5 best beaches in south Sri Lanka

Bentota Beach Sri Lanka


In the area close to the beach, you can find nice restaurants, fancy hotels, banks, souvenir shops, and a railway station.

Everything is packed together for your own comfort.

Hotels facing the ocean or cosy villas are the best options for your overnight stay in Bentota.

Start your day with a local tea and after that enjoy the ocean waves all day long!

Nice hotels overlooking the ocean and cosy guesthouses are waiting for guests.

The offer is pretty diverse! Have a look and see which one is best for you!

2. Hikkaduwa beach one of the best beaches in south Sri Lanka

One of the most famous beaches among tourists, Hikkaduwa beach is located north of Galle and Unawatuna.

It is the perfect place for surf competitions, especially for beginners!

Hikkaduwa has everything: medium-sized waves, wide sandy beach, fewer underwater hazards to avoid, nice beach bars and a very friendly atmosphere!

No wonder why this beach is so popular!

5 best beaches in south Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa Beach Sri Lanka


In the nearby area, there is a small turtle sanctuary with adorable baby turtles waiting to touch for the first time the golden sandy beach and start their lives.

The beach is about 2 and a half hours away from Colombo, so a day trip would not be recommended to do.

You’d better find good accommodation in the area as there are plenty to choose from.

3. Unawatuna beach

Considered by many as the most beautiful beach from Sri Lanka, Unawatuna beach is the perfect beach destination when you travel to Sri Lanka. The beach is not wide, nor long.

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It takes you about 15 minutes to walk the beach from one part to another.

The beauty of the place is the small bay near the beach.

Because of its position, the waters are calmer, with smaller waves and weak currents, the ideal place to swim.

5 best beaches in south Sri Lanka

Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka


One of the best beaches in south Sri Lanka, Unawatuna is located about 150 kilometres away from Colombo.

But worth the long drive to get to Unawatuna.

It is a tourist-friendly area, with many restaurants, bars, banks, and hotels.

Clean and nice furnished rooms in fancy hotels or nice guesthouses are waiting for their guests.

No matter if you want an ocean view room or a clean apartment, there are plenty of choices.

Have a look here! Check and see which one is the best for you!

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4. Tangalle beach

Tangalle beach is a good destination if you have a passion for surf.

The waves are big and the currents are strong, making from this beach, not a good place to swim.

Golden sandy beach with crystal clear water are representative of the area.

5 best beaches in south Sri Lanka

Tangalle Beach Sri Lanka

Tangalle was a small fishermen village, but during the 2004 tsunami, it was almost completely destroyed.

The reconstruction of the place took longer than anyone expected and the place loses their touristic interest.

Now, the beach is not crowded anymore and there are many places to spend your nights in the area at very affordable prices. Check them out!

But let’s see the good parts of one of the best beaches in south Sri Lanka!

The sunsets from the beach are one of the most beautiful I have ever seen!

The long strip of the beach makes it ideal for the morning run and for the afternoon sunbath!

It is a very relaxing and beautiful place and definitely should pay it a visit when in Sri Lanka!

5. Beruwala Beach

Located in one of the oldest towns in Sri Lanka, Beruwala Beach is located 60 kilometres away from Colombo.

The main attraction of the area is the golden sand beach called “Golden Mile”, a representative name chosen based on its landscape.

The location is not very popular among swimmers! It is one of the top choices among water sports fans.

Windsurfing, water scooter rides, water skiing, paragliding are just some of the activities which can be performed when you visit Beruwala.

5 best beaches in south Sri Lanka

Beruwella Beach Sri Lanka


The attraction of the area is the fish market from the old port.

A very vibrant and active place, especially early in the morning when the fishermen came with their catch.

To feel the local vibe, worth paying a visit early in the morning to the fisherman market.

One of the best beaches in south Sri Lanka offers great accommodations in the area.

There are many options regarding the facilities and services provided by hotels and guesthouses.

Some of them are more on a budget while others are luxurious and fancy.

Check to see which one is the best for you!