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Exploring Dracula Castle: The Perfect Day Trip from Bucharest

Vampires, blood… all these things fascinate us! Before visiting Romania, I associated the country with vampires! But once I get there I understand that there is much more to see besides this. But still, the first thing I did when in Romania was to visit Bran Castle which is a perfect day trip from Bucharest.

Why Bran Castle? Because this place is associated with Dracula, the most famous vampire in the world.

Romania means more than Dracula Castle and vampires.

The castle is located about 200 kilometres away from Bucharest, Romania’s capital. The easiest and fastest way to visit Bran by renting a car from Bucharest. We rented a car from the airport, drop our luggage at the hotel and the next day we did the trip.

Dracula Castle, the perfect day trip from Bucharest

Day trips from Bucharest – Visit Bran Castle

What is the perfect day trip from Bucharest ?

There are many nice accommodations in Bucharest! Some of them are close to the Old City while others are more discrete! It is up to you what you prefer!

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After a good night sleep, we were heading to Dracula’s castle! We were very excited! We read many articles about vampires and we were fascinated by Bram Stoker book.

We started to imagine how things happened, what we will see and so on! There are lots of local legends about vampires and ghosts! You should not be worried! They all catch your attention very fast but you still should not forget that are only legends and nothing is real!

After 3 hours of drive, we reached Bran village the destination for our day trip from Bucharest. This beautiful village is located in the Romanian mountains, close to Brasov, another iconic city of Romania, the perfect Bucharest day trip to Bran.

Bran castle is built on top of a rocky cliff with forest all around.

It is a medieval fortress and was a very important defense point.

The place has a very interesting history! Many rulers and kings lived in the castle! Each tried to adapt the buildings in accordance with their needs.

The fortress has many secret tunnels and chambers which are not open to the public. The castle itself has a very interesting and mystic touch and allows your imagination to fly free.

Visit Bran Dracula's Castle

Visit Bran Dracula Castle

We enjoyed the views from each window of the castle, we were impressed by the interior court and by the torture chamber. We did not expect to meet the Dracula but the way the castle is built and the surroundings fit perfectly with Bram Stoker castle.

The furniture inside the castle date from Queen Mary period and is very well preserved! You cannot ignore the massive pieces of furniture inside the castle! They are too beautiful!

During this day trip from Bucharest, you have the opportunity to see a little of Romania!  A small but beautiful piece from this country! You will immediately fall in love with this land and the people living here!

The best way to see Romania an experience its authentic and magnificent spots is by having a car rental to travel wherever you wish!

Like I said! The first thing we did after landing was to rent a car and start to discover this piece of heaven!

Have a unique experience by exploring the area in your own rented car

Whether you prefer day trips from your hotel or a tour around the country, car rental is the best way for creating your own experience and live your dream vacation


Thursday 21st of November 2019

I've been to Romania 2x and have loved it both times. The people are so kind and the landscape is beautiful. Bran Castle was lovely and Brasov is just a terrific example of a European town/square. Can't wait to go back!