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Packing Essentials for a Trip to Iceland in October

Iceland is beautiful all year round! It changes its appearance from one month to another! In summer everything is alive and green, while winter covers everything in white.

Early autumn and late spring are the best periods to visit Iceland! But what to pack for Iceland in October?

What to pack for Iceland in October

Iceland mountain landscape

How is the weather in October?

You will have about 8 hours of light, which are quite reasonable. The roads are still open, with minor periods when because of bad weather the traffic conditions are getting worse. The temperatures are somewhere between 0 to 15 degrees during the day time and might be with minus during night. So, what to wear in Iceland October period?

Of course, you should take with you winter clothes! But… what winter clothes exactly?

Let’s start with the beginning!

  1. Take a windproof hat! The wind is so strong that you have the impression that blows you away! If you walk in the same direction as wind blows you feel how it push you upfront! So, windproof hat and clothes are a must-have!
  2. A scarf to keep you warm to your neck is a good choice! And also hand warmers! I always take with me these items to keep me warm! They protect you against wind and cold! You can stay chill and make how many photos you want!
  3. Wind and waterproof jackets should be on top of your what to pack for Iceland in October list! Like I said earlier, don’t expect to very low temperatures and extreme cold! The temperature is not that low, but because of the wind intensity, you will feel with at least 10 degrees lower than it actually is! And being wet on a weather like this is the last thing you wish to be! A raincoat is perfect to take with you if you have, but a waterproof coat is a must!
  4. Waterproof shoes. If your feet are wet and you feel cold then no matter what jacket and trousers you have, you will always feel cold! So a good waterproof shoe is one of the most appropriate answers to your question what to wear in Iceland October month.

These articles are essential to have with you when travel to Iceland in October. Besides these, you should pack some mid and base layer clothes.

If you wish to photograph the Northern Lights, it is better to dress warm and in multiple layers so you will not freeze out there waiting for the northern lights to show up.

What to pack for Iceland in October

Base layer clothes are the one you wear on your skin. At this category I recommend you to take thermal base layers which keep you warm but let the skin breathe. Avoid synthetically products because they will not keep you warm, but contrary.

Merino baselayers are one of the top picks when packing for Iceland. These kind of clothes are really comfy and keep you very warm.
Mid layer clothes are the one you wear between the base layer and coat. For this category, I would recommend some fleece sweaters with a zip, very easy to take off if the outside is warm enough. And for your legs, hiking pants are a good option! They are comfortable and most of them are fast drying. You need to have fast-drying clothes for Iceland weather!

What to wear in Iceland October month list is not complete without swimwear!

Now you probably ask yourself why you need it! Because Iceland is famous for its geothermal activity! Hot springs could be found almost everywhere!

So, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit with you! Bathing in a hot spring when outside is 0 degrees is a must!
Don’t expect to extreme cold! It will be windy and rainy! Follow my advice and pack thermal and windproof clothes! This is what to pack for Iceland in October!

Enjoy your time spent in Iceland and wear proper clothes!