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Transylvania, Romania: Unforgettable Experiences to Discover

Transylvania Romania is one of the most untouched places in Europe with many beautiful attractions and a lot of interesting things to experience.

Is Transylvania in Romania ?

It is the central province of Romania, a place where memories and traditions are still alive and the landscape is absolutely stunning.

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is Transylvania in Romania
Visit Transylvania of Romania

This is the perfect place to be if you are looking for a relaxing holiday and for those interested in history and nature.

Transylvania is famous mostly because of its medieval castles and town, untamed nature, fortified churches, welcoming people and very tasty food.

You will need more than 2 weeks to fully explore the area, but I am sure that most of you don’t have so much time to spend in a single place.

That is why we prepared for you a top with the most important things you should put on your list when visit Transylvania.

1. Visit the fortified churches

Fortified churches are a symbol of the medieval ages. These are churches surrounded by massive walls and the main purpose of these places was to protect the villagers against ottomans and other invasive people.

Each fortified church has a tower, known as ‘the bell tower’.

In times of peace, the towers were used to deposit some of the villagers’ goods like meat which was hanged there to dry.

There are more than 150 fortified churches in Transylvania in Romania, but the most representative ones are located in the area near Brasov and are very easy to reach by car.

You can rent a car from Bucharest airport, drive to Brasov and from this magnificent town do day trips in the nearby area.

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2. Visit the medieval city of Sighisoara

There are many medieval castles in Transylvania and beautiful medieval towns and fortresses. One of the most beautiful and well preserved is Sighisoara in Mures county.

The town is located 120 kilometres away from Brasov and you can reach it by train or by car.

Visit Sighisoara Transylvania Medieval Tower clock
Visit Sighisoara Transylvania Medieval Tower clock

Sighisoara is the last inhabited medieval town from Europe and is one of the most charming and beautiful places I have ever seen.

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It is one of the top attractions for tourists in search of UNESCO World Heritage sites and for those interested in history and culture.

3. Sleep in a medieval castle

Almost all big villages from Transylvania have in the centre of the village a huge house which was generally built by the nobles of those times.

Most of those impressive mansions were destroyed or confiscated by communists and now they are given back to the original families.

Part of these impressive mansions were refurbished and introduced in the tourist circuit.

Sleeping in one of those fancy places is a truly unique experience. Zabola The Machine House is a good example of a very well preserved medieval mansion.

I was impressed by the rooms, they are incredibly beautiful and fancy and also by the food which is actually reinvented traditional food. Yummy!

4. Explore Dracula’s castle from Transylvania in Romania

I am sure that all of you heard about Dracula’s legends. Now, why don’t you go and see with your own eyes how this Romanian cruel ruler lived?

Inside the real Dracula Castle Bran
Inside the real Dracula Castle Bran

Located very close to Brasov, extremely easy to reach by car and public transport, the Bran castle is one of the most visited Transylvania castles.

We strongly recommend you to visit this castle and see how much is fiction and how much is reality when we speak about Dracula.

5. Explore the Salt Mine from Turda

This salt mine is one of the most beautiful of its kind in Europe. Inside the mine, there is a museum, a water park and many places to relax and enjoy your time spent abroad.

The salt mine is not recommended to those who have heart problems or high blood pressure, because the air inside is really salty and might affect your medical condition.

But for the rest of you without major health problems, it is an interesting place which should be on your list when visit Transylvania in Romania.

There are many other beautiful places to visit and a simple trip across this region of Romania is a blessing for your eyes and your soul.

The landscapes are unique and you just can’t get enough of it!

Here are other interesting things to do in Transylvania.

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Being stuck inside gave us enough time to virtual travel and throwback on our travels just so we can share more with all of our readers. We are glad you enjoyed our post. Have you ever been to Romania / Transylvania ?