How long is the flight to Rhodes Greece Airport (RHO) ?

Ever wondered How long is the flight to Rhodes Greece Airport ?

Lenght time of flights to Rhodes Greece depend on where your departure flight is when you fly towards Rhodes International Airport (RHO).

Most flights to Rhodos from within Europe have a duration between 3 and 4 hours depending on where you fly from.

If you fly to Greece from the United States of America, take in consideration that it will take about 12 hours to get to the destination as Greece is about 10.000 km far from the USA.

Find here your flight time to Rhodes

Flight Duration to Rhodes
Distance in Km
London, United Kingdom Rhodes, Greece 4 hours 5 minutes 2792 km
Amsterdam, Netherlands Rhodes, Greece 3 hours 57 minutes 2543 km
Paris, France Rhodes, Greece 3 hours 53 minutes 2508 km
Berlin, Germany Rhodes, Greece 3 hours 18 minutes 2132 km
Madrid, Spain Rhodes, Greece 4 hours 21 minutes 2801 km
Oslo, Norway Rhodes, Greece 4 hours 29 minutes 2895 km
Athens, Greece Rhodes, Greece 1 hour 433 km
Sofia, Bulgaria Rhodes, Greece 1 hours 33 minutes 813 km
Rome, Italy Rhodes, Greece 2 hours 21 minutes 1483 km
Istanbul, Turkey Rhodes, Greece 1 hours 19 minutes 513 km
Warsaw, Poland Rhodes, Greece 2 hours 52 minutes 1846 km

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