Things to do in Transylvania

Having so many things to do in Transylvania is one of the mains reasons tourists choose to visit Transylvania.

Found in the heart of Romania, it is among one of the most attractive as well as picturesque regions of the country.

Local people are warm hearted and friendly and also inviting! Right after reaching this amazing area you will feel just like home.

After couple of days spent around I intend to share with you 6 primary reasons to check it out. It is a place which you absolutely must see!

things to do in transylvania sibiu
Sibiu view from the top

Get an accommodation in a Transylvanian village and enjoy local’s hospitality.

Taste some tasty traditional food and learn about local culture and traditions.

Get inspired while seeing some of the most beautiful landscapes in Eastern Europe.

Visit medieval castles and learn about transylvanian history.

things to do in transylvania Fortified Church
Transylvanian Fortified Church Romania

Take a tour of the Fortified Churches and have a history lesson with an amazing lunch in the courtyard of one of the fortified churches.

Choose the experience you like most or if you have time just go and do them all, I promise you will not regret it and will plan to go back for more.

Things to do in Transylvania

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