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Discovering Ravens Nest Salciua: The Hidden Village in Romania Transylvania

I have always dreamed to spend a holiday in the middle of nature, not in a tent but in five-star accommodation in a hidden village of Romania.

I have also imagined a place somewhere in the middle of nature, with high-level rooms but at the same time having a traditional flavour.

We visited the hidden village in Romania

Suddenly, my dream came true!

You know when?! Exactly when I discovered Ravens Nest Salciua and Raven Eye Transilvania.

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It looked too good to be true so I decided to book a holiday there to see how this place looks in reality.

It looked too good to be true! I have to check it out!

Ravens Nest Salciua the hidden village Transylvania hidden village in Romania
Center of Raven Nest – a village hidden in Romania

And I have to tell you! It exceeded my expectations! I felt so relaxed and I managed to recharge myself with positive energy there that I will definitely come back next year!

Ravens Nest Salciua to see with your own eyes how heaven looks like!

Location of Raven’s Nest The Hidden Village in Transylvania

As the name suggests, Raven’s Nest is located up in Transylvania mountains called Apuseni, a place isolated from the glances of passers-by.

You only see this magnificent place when you are right near the gate.

The resort is very isolated so the only way to get there is by car.

The road is decent, part of it is asphalted and a small part is just paved.

How you get there?

Pretty straight forward! From Salciua, a small village about 80 kilometres from Cluj Napoca, follow a road which leads you up to the mountain.

My suggestion is to fly to Cluj Napoca, rent a car and head to Ravens Nest Salciua.

Use the GPS to reach this hidden village in Romania as it is really remote.

Rooms at Raven’s Nest Transylvania

Once you get there you will be amazed by what you’ll see.

A traditional Transylvanian village opens in front of your eyes.

There are 3 traditional houses which accommodate about 24 guests in 10 double rooms and an apartment.

All the rooms are in traditional Romanian style, equipped with a very comfy bed, an old look table with 2 chairs and nice traditional carpets on the floor.

The dimensions of the rooms are decent, and all are equipped with a bathroom. The design of the bathroom is also traditional but the amenities are of good quality and eco-friendly.

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Facilities at Ravens Nest Salciua

In the middle of the village, there is an octagonal restaurant with lots of places where to sit and relax.  There is a nice fireplace with cozy armchairs in front!

Ravens Nest Salciua, the hidden village, Transylvania
Restaurant area Raven Nest – village hidden Romania

The entire location is surrounded by mountains! Imagine a birds nest and how the chicks stay inside the nest!

Well, that is exactly how the buildings and the people are nested inside the mountain! It is absolutely amazing!

No wonder it is called the hidden village in Romania Transylvania!

From the village, there is a paved alley that swirls through the forest up to a breathtaking viewpoint called the raven eye transilvania.

In about 500 steps you reach the top of the mountain I have no words to describe the view from up there!

The valley opened in front of your eyes! Incredible!

You don’t want to leave from there anymore!

raven eye transylvania Raven’s Nest the hidden village of Transylvania
View from the deck Raven’s Nest

Breakfast at Raven’s Nest Village in Transylvania

Now a few words about the food! Being so remote it is advisable to eat all your meals there!

The food is absolutely amazing! Ravens Nest Salciua is an eco-friendly resort and most of the products used are bio and have a very high quality!

You can take a very tasty breakfast with many traditional products!

There you have the opportunity to try the real milk!

I mean the one milked from cows and not processed!

Have you ever eat grey with milk? Or rice with milk? This is the right place to try it!

This place doesn’t just serve tasty breakfast, but also delicious lunch and dinner! They offer three courses for each meal, and the food is a modern and tasty twist on traditional cuisine.

Ravens Nest Salciua, the hidden village in Romania is the best place to try Romanian food! Ravens Nest Salciua to see with your own eyes how heaven looks like!

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