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Day Trip to Giethoorn Village: Exploring the Venice of the Netherlands

The Netherlands has many beautiful places and many interesting things to do, but none is more beautiful and picturesque than this cosy village named Giethoorn.

When in the Netherlands don’t hesitate and visit Giethoorn village.

Giethoorn tour from Amsterdam

You should include on your to-do list a tour of this village.

It is very easy to travel around the Netherlands so it won’t be very difficult to reach this place.

The most comfortable way to reach this beautiful place is to fly to Amsterdam and then rent a car and head up to it.

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Giethoorn village Netherlands


Have a unique experience by exploring the area in your own rented car

Whether you prefer day trips from your hotel or a tour around the country, car rental is the best way for creating your own experience and live your dream vacation

The distance between Amsterdam and this little village is around 120 km, about 1 hour and 20 minutes by car if you drive on the highway.

Rent a car from Amsterdam and head directly to this hidden gem of Netherlands.

The road is pretty straightforward! Just follow the signs! You should not be worried!

You can also reach this magnificent place by train or bus.

If you choose to go by train or by bus to visit Giethoorn village, then you need to know that it is pretty complicated.

You don’t have a direct line from Amsterdam to the village.

You need to change the line once or twice, depending on the timetable of each public transport.

A simpler way to get to the village is to buy a Giethoorn tour from Amsterdam.

You have a guide who gets you around and show you the most interesting houses and the most beautiful landscapes of the little village.

This is the simplest way to visit the village!

You should not be worried about anything, except being on the set time at the indicated place to start your trip.

Somebody else would organise everything, you just have to take photos and enjoy the view!

Once you get there you will be amazed by what you will see there!

Everything looks like a fairytale landscape! But the day did not last forever so, let me give you some hints about what to do and what to see.

Do you fall in love with this village? Why not spend a night in a cozy, nice accommodation close to the main attractions?

Visit Giethoorn village in a day

Visit Giethoorn Village in 1 day

Traditional house in Giethoorne


The best way to enjoy the view is to take a boat tour along the village channels!

Rent a boat and be just you and your partner explore the village or share the experience with strangers and take a boat tour!

You will be shocked by what you’ll see!

Prepare your camera to take lots of photos! You’ll need it!

If you book a Giethoorn tour from Amsterdam then most probably you will have the boat tour included!

If you don’t like water, then I would suggest you rent a bike and explore the city!

Each of these two ways has their beauty and let you see the village from a different perspective!

Another thing which should not be missed when visit Giethoorn is a tour to “Het Olde Maat Uus” Museum.

There you will have the chance to see how the villagers used to live one century ago.

At this museum, you will see local farmhouses specific to that area of the Netherlands. It is the best way to understand how life evolved and changed.

When you visit Giethoorn village visit also The Histomobil museum and Museum de Oude Aarde.

The first one is about old cars and the second one contains a large collection of gemstones and minerals.

Giethoorn is one of the most beautiful villages in Europe and definitely the best I have seen in the Netherlands.

And you know what?! It is the ideal destination for a day trip! Giethoorn tour from Amsterdam is a perfect way to spend a day in the Netherlands!

Do you fall in love with this village? Why not spend a night in a cosy, nice accommodation close to the main attractions?!