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Raven’s Nest: The Mystery Village of Transylvania

A couple of weeks ago we discovered on the internet pictures of a beautiful place nestled in the middle of nature, in Apuseni Mountains, Romania the hidden village of Transylvania.We liked a lot what we saw in the pictures so we decided to go and see with our own eyes this fairytale place.

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Update 16 January 2020: The accommodation can host only 26 people in 11 rooms, that is why they get sold out pretty quickly, so if you think about going to this magical place, book ahead and plan ahead because it would be bad to miss this gem and the magical landscape surrounding it.Update 14 august 2020: We like this location so much that in 2020 we decided to visit it again even though there is COVID-19 restrictions everywhere.

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We felt safe during our stay and for sure it was another unforgettable experience, though we were already somewhat familiar with the place.We made a quick reservation for a weekend and we jumped in our car and headed to Raven’s Nest the hidden village Transylvania.
An unforgettable weekend at Raven’s Nest the hidden village of Transylvania

Raven’s Nest Salciua overview of the hidden village in Transylvania

How to get to the village

To get here you definitely need a car.The village is located up in the mountains so there is no other way to get there than by car.I would say the easiest and fastest way to get to the village is to take the plane to Cluj Napoca and from there rent a car.

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The location is about 1 and a half hours away from Cluj. No worries! The road is in good condition, you don’t need an SUV or a 4×4.The property sends you precise information to reach the hidden village Transylvania, so with a GPS and their instructions you won’t have any problems in finding the property!The landscape on the road is incredible! Once you left the last village and head up to the mountains, the view is amazing! You just cannot get enough of it! You are on top of the world!At the end of the road, there is a barrier. You have to call the indicated number to open it because it is a private property with restricted access.

Arriving at the property

Once you pass the barrier the fairytale land starts to reveal its wonders. At the entrance gate, a nice and friendly guy was waiting for us and invited to get in!An old wooden gate is a masterpiece that marks the entrance in Raven’s Nest the hidden village of Transylvania.Once you open the gate you enter the village where life went back centuries ago.On the property, there are 3 guesthouses, all built-in traditional style and in the middle of the green yard, there is an octagonal house, which is the restaurant of the property.

An unforgettable weekend at Raven’s Nest the hidden village Transylvania

Restaurant entrance Raven’s Nest the hidden village Transylvania

Everything is built and decorated in Romanian traditional style!Traditional manmade paintings beautify the interiors of the houses.The atmosphere is chill and relax. Suddenly, you forget about your daily problems! A peaceful feeling surrounds you!We finally arrived at the centerpiece of the village, the restaurant.Everything was so authentic and nicely arranged that we could not believe it!We were greeted by the barman who prepared for us very tasty welcome drinks.They offered us homemade syrup of blackberries, cranberries, or raspberries! Yummy! They were really tasty!They knew we were hungry so they prepared our lunch! I felt like I was visiting my grandparents!Only they were so attentive and hospitable!

Eating at Raven’s Nest the hidden village of Transylvania

Our first meal was very tasty, a reinvented traditional meal; three courses meal including the dessert!

An unforgettable weekend at Raven’s Nest the hidden village of Transylvania

Lunch at Raven’s Nest Transylvania

It was one of the best meals we have ever eaten! And it was just the beginning!During the entire weekend spend here the food was incredible! We could hardly wait for the next meal to see what other pleasant surprises we had!
An unforgettable weekend at Raven’s Nest the hidden village of Transylvania

Desert at Raven’s Nest HIdden village Transylvania

The food was very tasty and varied!They even had a vegetarian menu and a normal one! You just have to say in advance which are your meal preferences and they do their best to please you!For me, food is big stress when traveling, but this time was a very pleasant surprise!Here going to eat created me the same feeling as when I was a little child and I received a present!I cannot wait to open it to see what it is! Each time a pleasant surprise!But food is not the only good thing from here!The location, the landscape, the facilities, the rooms, actually everything is impressive!And besides that, there is the quality of the services and the personnel. I have only good words about them, too!After the first meal, we were invited to rest in one of their traditional rooms prepared for us.

Our room from Raven’s Nest the hidden village Transylvania

We had a very cosy traditional room on the first floor in one of the traditional houses.Inside the room, there is a bed, a table and a wardrobe all in traditional style. There is no TV. But honestly, who needs a TV?!

An unforgettable weekend at Raven’s Nest the hidden village in Transylvania

Rooms at Raven’s Nest hidden village in Transylvania

Each house has a shared porch and a shared living where you can sip a glass of wine while you read a book or listen to nature vibes.A very important aspect to mention is that all the houses were once inhabited by villagers.They were bought, dismantled and reassembled on top of the mountain.The inside structure of the house was customised for 21st century needs.So, each room has an individual bathroom shower and with eco-friendly toiletries.
An unforgettable weekend at Raven’s Nest the hidden village of Transylvania

Eco friendly amenities Raven’s Nest

But enough about the room, let me tell you more about the surroundings and village facilities.We were very anxious to explore the location.

Ravens Nest facilities

I don’t know what to start with!There is an incredible spa, two wonderful decks with outstanding views over the mountains, an outdoor cinema and many places where you can relax.Oh! I forgot about the campfire place! Indeed magnificent!

An unforgettable weekend at Raven’s Nest the hidden village of Transylvania

Climbing to the top of the mountain Raven’s Nest Transylvania

Let me tell you a few words about all these spots from Raven’s Nest the hidden village of Transylvania!It took us the whole weekend to explore the area!
Spa area

First of all, I was amazed by the view from the hot tub!Keep in mind that the spa area is located in the middle of the forest, on top of the mountain, overlooking the whole area.Imagine yourself in the hot tub, sipping from a glass of wine and looking at the endless landscape! It’s just breathtaking!

An unforgettable weekend at Raven’s Nest the hidden village of Transylvania

Hot tub Raven’s Nest Salciua – the hidden village Transylvania

Let’s not forget about the sauna! It is a very interesting experience but unfortunately, you don’t have the same beautiful view as from the hot tub.Personally, I stick to the hot tub! We admire an incredible sunset from the tub! Was a very romantic moment I must say!


The Eye of the Raven and The Lovebirds’ Hideout are the most emblematic places at Ravens Nest Transylvania. Both are hidden in the forest on top of the mountain overlooking the area.

An unforgettable weekend at Raven’s Nest the hidden village of Transylvania

View from the deck Raven’s Nest – The Ravens eye

They are so well camouflaged that from the valley you cannot even guess where they are!You are hidden in the forest overlooking the valley without anyone can see you!We relaxed a whole day on the deck from Eye of the Raven.There are bin bags and chairs where to lay down and enjoy the view! I loved these places a lot! The only thing which convinced me to leave these two places was dinner time!I was too curious about the food and to be honest, I am a little scared about the dark!So, in the end, I went down to Raven’s Nest the hidden village of Transylvania restaurant!But on the next day, early in the morning, I climbed up there to drink my coffee!

Outdoor cinema

In the middle of the forest, there is an outdoor cinema. Instead of chairs, there are hammocks and bin bags hidden between the trees.

An unforgettable weekend at Raven’s Nest the hidden village of Transylvania

Outdoor cinema area Raven’s Nest

After dinner, you can watch a movie or a documentary in the middle of nature!It was one of a kind experience! We laid in a hammock and enjoy a movie!To be honest, I cannot tell you much about the movie!I was too fascinated to listen to forest sounds in the night!It was for the first time when I was watching a movie in the middle of a forest!

Campfire at Ravens nest the hidden village of Transylvania

On the other night after dinner, we had a campfire.Around the fire, there are wooden benches to sit and look at the fire! It is the best way to end your day!

Mountain trails

If you are a mountain lover you can do hikes.Very close to Raven’s Nest the hidden village of Transylvania are some interesting spots to see.There are also a few trails that cross the mountain and pass very close to the property.If you have the time and energy you can hike the Apuseni mountains, an untamed area of Romania.

An unforgettable weekend at Ravens Nest the hidden village of Transylvania

Overview Raven’s Nest

We tried just one trail, very close to the property, a trail that leads to a spectacular waterfall.It took us half a day for the round trip to that waterfall. But it’s worth the effort!The weekend ended fast! We felt that we needed a few more days to explore better the area where Raven’s Nest the hidden village Transylvania!We left Ravens Nest the hidden village of Transylvania promising to ourselves that we will come back next year!I could write hundreds of pages about this property and its surroundings. I don’t have enough words to describe its beauty and wilderness!

I can tell you one thing: if you are looking for traditional accommodation when visit Romania, then this is the right place, the hidden village Transylvania!

Let yourself lost in time and experience Romanian traditions at Raven’s Nest! It is an experience that you will not soon forget! 

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