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Best 5 Sibiu attractions Hermannstadt attractions

Sibiu or Hermannstadt in german language is a town located in the heart of Romania, in Transylvania region.

The town was named Cultural Capital of Europe in 2007 and Gastronomic Region of Europe in 2019.

Best Sibiu attractions

These best Hermansnstadt attractions made of this town a place which should not be missed when visit Romania.

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Listed below are a top with the most beautiful places to see and the most interesting things to experience when visiting this town.

Best Sibiu attractions best Hermansnstadt attractions

Sibiu view from the top

1. Traditional food

There is no other place in Romania better than Hermannstadt to try Transylvania traditional food.

Tripe soup, traditional pork stew with pickles and papanasi which are a sort of cheese pancakes are just some examples of traditional foods to try when in Transylvania.

There are more other dishes to try! If you want to eat as locals see here what other traditional foods Romanians have

2. Astra Museum

One of the main Sibiu attractions is the Astra Museum. There you can see how Romanian used to live. Houses, mills, wooden churches and other traditional constructions from all over Romania are all gathered in this museum.

It is an open-air museum which has more than 400 monuments.
Actually, it is the largest open-air museum with traditional monuments from Europe.

3. Brukenthal Museum Hermannstadt

Located in the heart of the city, Brukenthal Museum is an emblematic place for Sibiu. It is a group of art museums located in the Palace of Samuel Brukenthal, a Habsburg Governor of Transylvanian.

The museum contains 3 main sections: The Brukenthal Art Gallery, Brukenthal Library and Altemberger History Museum.

Keep in mind that the Brukenthal Museum is the first museum opened from Central and East Europe! That is why I would call this museum one of the top Sibiu attractions!

4. The Bridge of Lies

The Bridge of Lies is the second cast-iron bridge from Europe and the first from Romania.

It is a pedestrian bridge which links two main areas of Sibiu with a length of about 10 meters. Thanks to its architecture and materials used it is unique in Romania.

5. Climb the Council Tower

Hermannstadt is beautiful not just from the ground level, but also from the top. The easiest way to convince yourself about this magnificent scenery is to climb the Council Tower and enjoy the landscape!

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Try Transylvanian traditional food, let yourself lost along the paved roads of Sibiu and fill your soul with positive energy and good vibes! Experience local life and Sibiu attractions! This is a holiday to remember! Try it!