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Best Transylvanian Food guide for foodies

Live like locals and eat like locals! A good motto for a trip! You cannot say you’ve been to a country if you don’t try its traditional food.

And when we speak about traditional food there is plenty of Transylvanian food to try. All the dishes are very tasty and well cooked! Just try them when you have the opportunity! Mmmm….what goodies!

I am not surprised that Sibiu, an emblematic city of Transylvania was named in 2019 European Gastronomic capital.

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Romanians do eat a lot! For example, at lunch, usually, they have a 3 courses meal consisting of soup, main dish, and dessert! Sometimes you can get some appetizers. I will name some dishes for each course, dishes representative for that region of Romania which you should try when visit Transylvania.


Best Transylvanian food
Cheese plate from Transylvania

At this chapter, I would name creamy beans (“fasole batuta/ facaluita”), vegetable stew (“zacusca”), pork fat with onion and pork cracklings (“jumari”).

Romania s Best Traditional Food
Romania s Best Traditional Food

Soup, the first dish of Transylvanian food

Best transylvanian food guide for foodies
Tripe soup from Transylvania

For this dish I would recommend you to try one of these three listed below:

  1. Meatball soup (“ciorba de perisoare”)
  2. Chicken soup (“zeama de gaina”)
  3. Tripe Soup (“ciorba de burta”)

Specific for the first course is that all the soups named in Romania “ ciorba” are soured with vinegar or cabbage juice and improved with “rubbed” egg yolks, sour cream, and flour. So, they taste e little bit sour. Soups called in Romanian “Zeama” or “Supa” are sweet. For “Zeama” the meat is boiled together with vegetables and after that noodles inside.
Both of them are very good and tasty! You should try all of them! It is a matter of taste which you’ll like better.

Main dish of Transylvanian Food

Best transylvanian food
Pork stew with polenta and cheese

As main dish my suggestion is:

  1. Pork stew with polenta, cheese and fried eggs (“ tochitura cu mamaliga, branza si ochi”)
  2. Goulash
  3. Cabbage rolls with minced meat (“sarmale”)

All these dishes are very nutritious and hard to digest! So, be careful when you eat! I recommend you to try a digestive drink to help your stomach. If you want to try something traditional, then drink a plum brandy (“palinca de prune”) or cherry brandy. Both are local specialties!

Deserts from Transylvania

I like deserts a lot! And no matter where I go, each time I have the opportunity I try a local dessert. I can say that this is my favorite dish.
When I visit Transylvania I also eat dessert. All the traditional sweets are very good but if I have to name my favorite sweet Transylvania food I would say:

  1. Cheese Pancakes (“Papanasi”)
  2. Plum dumplings (“Galuste cu prune”)
  3. Pie (“Placinta”)

Do you feel hungry now? Because I do! I have tried all these Transylvanian food and I enjoyed each bite!
I must confess, that I cannot eat 3 courses at one meal.

But when I visit Transylvania I try local food whenever I have the opportunity! I advise you to do so! You will discover very tasty food and nice people!

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Transylvania Traditional Food
Transylvania Traditional Food
Romania Most Delicious Traditional Food for real
Romania Most Delicious Traditional Food for real
Best Food in Transylvania
Best Food in Transylvania
Transylvania Delicious Traditional Food in Romania
Transylvania Delicious Traditional Food in Romania

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