Bookstore Carturesti Carusel the most beautiful Bookstore in the world ?

We saw many times all the beautiful photos of Bookstore Carturesti Carusel on Instagram. It just kept appearing over and over and we just fell in love with this beauty.  So when we visited Bucharest we put this on top of our Instagrammable places to visit in Bucharest.

It was a summer day, sunny and warm and we just went to visit it and convince ourselves that it looks as we saw in the photos, we were a little skeptic I must say. 

It is located just in the old town, in the city centre and it is just surrounded by old building some of them being under renovation.

In the city center, in the old town, there are lots of pubs, bars and terraces around this beautiful bookstore where you can hang out afterward and sit for a beer or lemonade and you can even have lunch and dinner here. So the location of Carusel Bookstore is perfect and easily accessible.

beautiful Bookstore Carturesti Carusel library
The most beautiful bookstore from Europe
Is Bookstore Carturesti Carusel the most Beautiful Bookstore in the world ?

From the outside, it does not look very promising, but once you get inside the building you just stop and look around you, and remember to breathe.

Cartureshti Carousel – is it the most beautiful bookstore in the world?

Everything around you looks so beautiful, you are surrounded by the beautiful design with wooden floors and a big staircase in front of you in the back of the room.

Don’t stop at the entrance and just enter and enjoy the wonder that is the Bookstore Carturesti Carusel.

This building from the 19th century once served as a bank headquarters until it was closed in 1948. After that, it was a men’s clothing store, and afterward a general store during Communism. After 1989, when the Communist regime collapsed, the building was abandoned and turned into ruin until it was saved by Jean Chirssoveloni who invested about 1,000,000 EUR to restore and transform it with the architects from Square One. After the building was completely restored to the beautiful building it once was, he leased it to Carturest chain, the largest bookstore chain in Romania.

If you ever visit Romania and if you visit Bucharest, you should definitely visit Carturesti Carusel on your Bucharest day tour, especially if you love visiting bookstores or if you are a book lover.


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