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Top Attractions Near Amsterdam’s City Center

It is almost impossible to list the best Amsterdam attractions close to Amsterdam city center.

There are so many things to see and so many places to be included in your itinerary that no matter what I will include on the list below, there will always be people saying that they visit something else and were fascinated by that certain spot.

Amsterdam is a beautiful, vibrant and modern city which should be on top of your list when visit Netherlands.

Many of the attractions listed below are included in I amstedam city card, so discounts, skip the line or even free access to these attractions could be obtained.

Before buying the card, I would recommend you to read very carefully what the card covers before, just to be sure that you will get what you’ll need.

Amsterdam city center and Amsterdam attractions
Amsterdam canals

Other attractions are free without being included in the card. You don’t need to pay for walking on the narrow streets of a district or for admiring the architecture of the city.

So, plan your trip wisely in order to maximize your benefits.

Top 5 Amsterdam attractions list close to Amsterdam city center

When I made this top, I tried to choose the best place to visit without spending a lot of money on admission fees.

1.      Visit Jordan district

Jordan District is one of the most famous places from Amsterdam.

It impresses you with its buildings, its narrow streets, antique shops, restaurants and bars, all having a chill and vintage atmosphere.

Let yourself lost in this magnificent district and feel the vibe of the city.

2.      Take a canal cruise

The city feels different and looks different from the canal.

Taking a canal cruise is a very romantic and fun way to experience the city.

Amsterdam attractions are much more beautiful than the canals.

3.      I Amsterdam letter

Another must-see attraction near Amsterdam city center is I Amsterdam letter.

I can’t believe you leave the city without having a picture with these emblematic letters.

Instagram and your personal archive is waiting for this photo!

4.      Visit Museumplein

Art lovers this is the right place to be! Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum are some of the most well-known museums from this beautiful city.

Prepare for long queues and lots of tourists running from one place to the other.

These museums are very popular among tourists so, bear this in mind when you plan your time spend here.

5.      Discover shopping streets

“The Nine Streets” or De Negen Straatjes is the most famous shopping street of this vibrant city.

Boutiques, speciality stores and vintage shops from where you can buy all you want, from dresses to handmade cosmetics as souvenirs from your Amsterdam trip could be found on the shopping streets.


There are many Amsterdam attractions to be discovered in the Amsterdam city center.

I have shown you the most popular ones.

On your tours, you might discover many other interesting places.

Depend on you if you want to discover your own city shape or you want to go and see the most popular places.