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Dutch Delights: 5 Must-Visit Towns in the Netherlands

Not just the countryside but also the towns in Netherlands are incredibly beautiful and worth paying them a visit!

No matter if you choose to rent a car and do a country tour or if you set your base in a city and from there explore the surroundings, I am sure you will enjoy your stay in this country.

towns in Netherlands Maastricht river view

Maastricht river view

Let me tell you a few words about the 5 most beautiful towns from the Netherlands:

1. Haarlem

Haarlem is a small and beautiful town located very close to Amsterdam. We recommend this town to those who are looking for a more authentic experience but want to see also Amsterdam.

Netherlands Haarlem city landscape

Netherlands Haarlem city landscape

In Haarlem, the accommodation prices are lower than in Amsterdam and this little town has many interesting places to explore. A boat tour along the canals and a walk along the city to admire its windmills, architecture and shops are great ways to spend your time when visit Netherlands.

Carlton Square Hotel is a great option for those interested in spending at least one night in this wonderful town. It is located close to the city centre, offering modern facilities and tasty breakfast.

2. Amersfoort, one of the most amazing towns in Netherlands

A picturesque city full of history and beautiful places, Amersfoort is a small town located west to Amsterdam, very easy to reach by train.

Amersfoort town Netherlands

Amersfoort town Netherlands

The masterpiece of the place is the “koppelpoort”, a medieval gate dating from 1425. Besides this unique monument, when you visit this lovely place take a walk along the city centre and stop to drink a coffee in one of many local bars and cafes.

3. Maastricht

A very interesting city with a fascinating mix of cultures and people, Maastricht is one of the most modern towns in the country. It is located close to the Belgian and German border and it is a very unique city with many medieval buildings and lots of students.

The flea market, the central market and the shops are just some of the places to explore when visiting Maastricht.

Maastricht city in Netherlands

Maastricht city in Netherlands

The place is more beautiful and active at night time because of the high number of students looking for entertainment.

From all the towns in Netherlands, Maastricht has the youngest population!

Hotel Trash Deluxe is the best option for your overnight stay. It has reasonable prices, it is located close to the city centre and has a very modern design and good quality services. We spent 2 nights here and everything was really great! We had enough time to explore the city and its surroundings!

4. Valkenburg

Valkenburg is home of the castle with the same name, Valkenburg castle, which was built in the XI century. This castle is unique in the Netherlands, being the only castle built on a hill from the entire country.

Except for the castle, you can take a walk along the city centre to admire its architecture and why not, buy a souvenir from a local shop.

5. Giethoorn

The last, but not the least in my list is Giethoorn. It is the most emblematic countryside town from the entire country. Its romantic canals and beautiful houses made from this place the most visited dutch site after Amsterdam.

Giethoorn Netherlands Countryside Channels Houses

Giethoorn Netherlands Countryside Channels Houses

If you book your accommodation in Amsterdam and want to see Giethoorn, don’t worry! There are daily trips from Amsterdam to Giethoorn, with transport included and a very knowledgeable guide. From Amsterdam: Day Trip to Giethoorn by Bus and Boat is one of the best choices if you are looking for this kind of trip. It is exactly what you need if you want to explore Giethoorn and find out more about its past.

Amsterdam Day Trip to Giethoorn by Bus and Boat

Amsterdam Day Trip to Giethoorn by Bus and Boat

These are the most interesting towns in Netherlands which you should visit whenever you have the opportunity. They are spread all over the country but you shouldn’t be worried! You can travel by train or even rent a car to move around!

Cars could be picked up directly from Schiphol Airport and are the easiest way to get around! They give you the flexibility and freedom to move wherever you want!

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