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Is Giethoorn the best town in Holland?

Giethoorn is a very small town in Holland located in the province of Overijssel and has a total population of around 2.600 people.

Many things have been written and told about this city and most of them are true!

Yes! It is true that it is one of the most beautiful towns in the Netherlands, but this has also some negative implications!

Giethoorn Netherlands Countryside town in Holland

Giethoorn Netherlands Countryside Channels Houses

Being so popular among tourists the town became very crowded, especially during the peak season and that is why it might lose a little from its charm and authenticity.

A few information about Giethoorn town in holland

The town is fully accessible just by boat and there are many streets and parts of the country where you cannot go without a boat.

The town is also known as the Venice of the North with a total number of 150 bridges spread all over the city.

Giethoorn was settled during the XIII century by the Franciscan monks and was part of a natural reserve.

The canals from the city are man-made and were made by the monks with the purpose of transporting peat. The canals are pretty narrow and most of them don’t have more than 1 meter deep.

Even in our days, everybody has a kayak, a canoe or a boat. Even the mail is delivered by boat! Isn’t it interesting?!

Things to do in Giethoorn town in Holland

The best way to relax and enjoy the view is by taking a cruise along the canals. The view is absolutely great and the experience worth every penny.

Giethoorn Netherlands Countryside Channels Houses

Giethoorn Netherlands Countryside Channels Houses

If you are a museum lover, then you should know that in Giethoorn there are 2 main museums: “Het Olde Maat Uus” Museum, where you can see how a typical dutch farmhouse looks like and Museum de Oude Aarde where a large collection of minerals and gemstones are displayed.

The best way to end your day is sipping a glass of wine in a restaurant with a great view over the canals.

If you plan to visit Giethoorn you should know that you can sleep in the town, too. There are some very interesting options when speaking about the overnight stay. We strongly recommend you to stay at De Dames Van De Jonge Hotel Giethorn , a great hotel with a wonderful view of the town and the canals. The services are great and the breakfast is very varied and tasty. If you want you can rent a boat and explore the canals and the town’s surroundings.

You are interested in just a day trip from Amsterdam? No worries! From Amsterdam, there are many daily trips to this town in Holland. We recommend you to book From Amsterdam: Day Trip to Giethoorn by Bus and Boat. It is a 9 hours trip with transport and guide included and is the best way to discover this wonderful town from Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Day Trip to Giethoorn by Bus and Boat

Amsterdam Day Trip to Giethoorn by Bus and Boat

No matter if you decide to go on a daily trip or if you want to spend some more time in this wonderful town, Giethoorn is a place which will fascinate you and will show a hidden part of the beautiful Netherlands. Just don’t forget and book some time for this small little town when you visit Netherlands!

François - virevolte

Wednesday 8th of April 2020

Beautiful picture! We will make sure to visit on our next road trip to Netherlands!