What should you know about Netherland money

Netherland money

Among the first things you do when travelling to a foreign country is to identify their national currency and the exchange rate to EUR or USD of that currency.
This is the key factor when you establish a budget for your trip!

Everybody knows that most European countries are pretty expensive, especially if you travel to the northwestern part of the continent.

Holland currency Netherland Money
Holland Money

The good news is that most of the countries from the European Union have EURO as their national currency, and the Netherlands is not an exception.

Since 2002 Netherlands’ official currency is EUR.

So, the good news is that if you plan a tour across Europe you need EUR and not a different currency in each country you want to visit.

But things were not the same at the beginning of the 2000s. Actually, until 1 January 1999, each country of Europe had its own currency and when you entered a country you had to exchange your money into its national money.

Before 2002, Netherland money was the Dutch guilder.

This was their national currency for the last 322 years.

We are living in an era when technology and digitization conquered the world.
Nowadays it is extremely easy to travel to Europe without having any concern about the national currency of each country.

Netherlands Money
Netherlands Money

Why am I saying that? Well, because today there are ATMs everywhere from where you can withdraw cash with a commission, and the great news is that you can have USD on your card and the ATM gives you EUR. The exchange rate and the commission is established by the bank where you have your credit or debit card.

Another simple way to pay when travelling abroad is direct with your debit or credit card. You don’t have a commission when you pay to shops, hotels and restaurants. Still, there might be some costs related to the conversion rate: your currency vs local currency.

So, what you have to keep in mind when talking about Netherland money is that EUR is their national currency and ATMs and POS’ is widely spread all across the country.

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