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Insider’s Guide: Hidden Gems in Amsterdam from Holland

Amsterdam from Holland is the most visited place from the country with a total number of more than 17 million tourists each year.

The city was built in the XIII century on an old fishermen village located around a dam in the Amstel river.

It is a really wonderful place, no wonder why so many people come to visit it each year!

In Amsterdam, you can find anything you could wish for: green parks, vibrant bars and restaurants, legal weed, endless parties, beautiful architecture, incredible museums and the emblematic and world-famous Red Light District.


Amsterdam from Holland

Amsterdam of Holland

But besides the most common places where every tourist goes when visit Amsterdam from Holland, there are many other attractions unknown and hidden by tourists’ eyes.

Here is a list with the best-kept secrets of Amsterdam in Holland:

1. De Hollandsche Manege

This equestrian school and horse stable is set right in the middle of the city, near Vondelpark. You might pass by without even noticing it unless you smell the horses on a hot day of summer.

De Hollandsche Manege Amsterdam Netherlands

De Hollandsche Manege Amsterdam Netherlands

If you are interested, you might ride a horse or you can simply sip a cup of coffee in the bar located on the second floor! It is a great way to enjoy your day while drinking something and watching the horses.

2. Mini Houses a hidden secret of Amsterdam from Holland

These tiny little houses are hidden somewhere near Noordermarkt. You cannot enter the houses but you can photograph them from the outside. They are extremely beautiful and worth paying a visit!

Mini Houses Amsterdam in holland

Mini Houses Amsterdam

And more than that, they have a really interesting history behind! The house numbering on that street goes from 50 to 74. So, a marketing company had the idea to put these small horses and number them in order to close the numbering gap.

3. Vondelbunker Amsterdam in Holland

This is a bunker as the name suggests, a hidden place which hosts all kinds of concerts, exhibits and dinners.

The place is located under a bridge from Vondelpark and is one of the coolest places in the Netherlands.

4. ‘t Nieuwe Diep

This is a distillery and a bar located in an old pump house from Flevopark in Amsterdam Oost.

The pretty house is located in a green area, surrounded by trees and vegetation, the ideal place to spend a relaxing afternoon with your friends.

5. Hotel Not Hotel in Amsterdam from Holland

What?! How is that?! Well, it is a hotel but not a normal one. If you choose to stay at Hotel Nothotel you might end up sleeping in an old Amsterdam carriage, a Spanish Villa or an abstract motel.

Hotel Not Hotel Amsterdam

Hotel Not Hotel Amsterdam in Holland

The rooms, if I can name them that way, are really strange and have their own story and personality. Anyway, each of them has comfortable beds, clean linens and towels and enough space for your luggage.

Hotel Not Hotel in Amsterdam

Hotel Not Hotel in Amsterdam Holland

Some of the rooms have private bathrooms while others don’t. It is a really interesting experience!