5 fun things about Holland Amsterdam

Holland Amsterdam is located in the north-west of Europe and is one of the most vibrant and liberal cities in the world.

It is famous for its museums, beautiful architecture, romantic canals, liberal life and of course the Red Light District.

We definitely recommend visiting this vibrant city as it has so many things to offer, from the red light district to the water canals and many more waiting to be discovered.

Where is Holland Amsterdam Netherlands
Where is Amsterdam Netherlands

Here are 5 fun things about Holland AmsterdaM

… and I bet you don’t know them:

1. The initial name of the city was Amstelredam which refers to the dam from the river of Amstel. Amsterdam was a small fishermen village which grew over time becoming the big city which is today

2. There are more than 1 million bikes but just 820.000 inhabitants. Based on the latest policy reports, each year around 100.000 bicycles are stolen in the city.

3. The city has a great public transport system. Most of the locals and the tourists count on it. The statistics said that more than 740.000 people use public transport each day.

Where is Amsterdam Netherlands
Where is Amsterdam Netherlands

4. All over Holland Amsterdam, there are still 8 windmills. They remained from the old times and are now a symbol of the city.

5. The main shopping street in the city is more than 600 years old and is known as Kalverstraat. In the old times, here on this street people used to sell cows, oxes and calves. In dutch Kalveren means calves, so if you are looking for a translation, it is Calves Street.

6. Mokum is the nickname of Amsterdam. It comes from the Hebrew word “makan” which is translated “city”.

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