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Planning Your Visit: The Best Time to Explore Amsterdam, Netherlands

Best time to see Amsterdam

You can find Amsterdam city in almost all tops regarding places to go in Europe.

I liked this city a lot because of its charm and architecture. For sure you should include this city in your bucket list.

We visited this city many times and each time it was a pleasant surprise for us. We discover a new part of the city and many beautiful places.

We set our camp at and from there we explore the city and its beautiful neighbourhood.

But WHEN is the best time to visit Amsterdam Netherlands?

The answer to your questions is more complex than you initially thought and it is directly related to what are you interested in.

Let me give you some examples!

If you are interested in sightseeing, then the best time to go to Amsterdam Netherlands is from April to May and September to November.

Why? Well, it is simple: the city is not that crowded, the lines to the museum are not that long and the weather is nice with sunny sky. 

The most effective time for appreciating the views of Amsterdam without fears of others getting in the way of your view is in late autumn as well as throughout the winter months.

Naturally, you’ll require to bundle up as it will certainly be chilly, as well as most likely wet, yet it may be well worth it for the much more calm experience.

If that seems a bit also cool for your liking, take into consideration interposing in April, May, very early June, or mid-September as well as mid-October, when groups are smaller sized as well as you’ll have a far better possibility for sunny skies.

The worst time for sightseeing is during the summertime when lines for the most popular attractions can suggest a very long (in some cases as much as three hours) and also perspiring delay.

the best time to visit Netherlands iS early May?

Do you want to see the famous tulip fields from Netherlands, not just Amsterdam city?

Then the best time to visit Amsterdam Netherlands and the best time to visit Netherlands for tulips is mid-March to May.

In April especially the flowers are in blossom and you can enjoy their vibrant colours painting the dutch fields.

Memorable photos, perfect for instagram could be taken in these fields. It is an experience that should not be missed!

when is the best time to visit Amsterdam Netherlands best time to visit Netherlands

Best time to go to Amsterdam Netherlands windmill

Other places not to miss when in the Netherlands are the windmills villages! All year round except winter you could visit places like these, but the landscape is more picturesque in clear sunny days of spring and autumn.

Let me give you a piece of advice! Avoid these places in summer because there are too crowded and noisy!

But Amsterdam is not just about boat tours, tulip fields or museums! It is also a great place for a shopping session! Stores in Amsterdam, and also lots of other European cities, do not put on big sales throughout the year, and even at the end of each period.

Right here, January and also July are the months to go shopping, as that’s when the shops provide one of the most dramatic price cuts as they clear out supply.

You’ll see store home windows marketing UITVERKOOP OPRUIMING, which implies “clearance sale.” You’ll have to bump elbow joints with many various other bargain seekers to obtain the very best deals, especially in July, yet with discount rates up to 70%, it’s normally worth it.

Keep in mind that the earlier you check out during the sale, the more selections you’re most likely to have, yet going more detailed throughout of the sale brings the greatest discounts.


Many tourists wonder concerning the Red Light District in Amsterdam, and just want to get a look of what it’s all about.

If that’s you, the most effective time to go all the time is in the early evening when you can see the glow of the red lights reflected at night canals, but it’s not as well congested yet.

For those looking to participate, it’s possible to experience it 24 hr a day, although most of the activity is from 9 pm forward in the summertime, and after 6 pm in the winter.


High Season (April via August, mid-December through early January)

Summer season is the peak of the high season, though the months of April and May, while slightly less congested downtown, are still taken into consideration to be part of the high period.

Because of the increase of travellers that show up to experience the growing tulips and also other blossoms.

The weather condition is most likely to be pleasant, but by the end of May, you’ll need to be prepared to wait in lengthy lines for popular tourist attractions, and bumping joints with the hordes of tourists in congested locations of town.

When it comes to lodging, you’ll likely pay too much for too little, as resorts have the ability to bill their leading rates.

Around the Christmas vacations, just before Christmas with New Year’s, anticipate prices and also crowds to come to a head again.

Shoulder Period (March, September)

While March and September can be a wager when it concerns the climate (go in late March or early September and also you’ll fair far better), you’re more likely to find some reduced rates, and also much less likely to need to fight thick groups.

Low Season (November via mid-December, mid-January through February)

With the depressing grey, awesome weather condition throughout the winter months, holiday accommodation prices are at their lowest, visibly going down, and you might be able to get less costly plane tickets too.

Still, you’ll find plenty of interior attractions, as well as much fewer vacationers than there were during the summer, making this a good time to be right here for several, depending upon what you carry your very own specific schedule.

It’s lovely when snowy nights blanket the city, and also in early February, if the canals have iced up, you can view the citizens move across the ice– and even join them on your own.

Best time to go to Amsterdam Netherlands is from April to May. You could be lucky and have perfect weather in May but keep in mind that it is likely to be cold, wet and windy in early May.

Depending on what type of climate you are used to, that might be a problem. Lots of spring flowers, but tulips have a narrower blooming period so you can end up right in the middle of it or you could just miss it. Do your homework before you go just to be sure you don’t miss this magnificent show!

Taking all these things into consideration, Amsterdam is beautiful all year round and if you have the opportunity to travel to this city don’t miss it!

There is another thing what I like most about this city! Each month there are many interesting events and parties which take place all over the country, not just in Amsterdam.

Definitely this is the place where you should go if you like to party and you are looking for new experiences!

There is always something to do and see in Amsterdam!

In my opinion, the best time to visit Amsterdam Netherlands as well as the best time to visit Netherlands is in April or September as it is not that expensive and not that crowded as in summer!