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Discovering Sicily: Location, Best Time to Visit, and Accommodation

Where is Sicily Italy?

On the south part of Europe, there is a peninsula looking like a boot. That boot is Italy and on top of the boot, there is a beautiful island known as Sicily.

And, yes, Sicily is part of Italy. All Sicilians are Italians!


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The island of Sicily is located on the south part of the Italian peninsula, about 160 kilometres northeast of the northern part of Africa, more precisely, from Tunisia.



Sicily is not as crowded as most of the Italian cities are and is not that famous as Tuscany countryside for example.

Sicily is an undiscovered gem with many beautiful places to visit, amazing beaches, great food and welcoming people.

Sicily is among the largest and the most populated islands from the Mediterranean Sea and is separated from the Italian peninsula by Messina strait.

Together with 4 other islands Egadi, Pelagie, Pantelleria and Lipari form the autonomous region of Italy.

When to go to Sicily

Now that you know where is Sicily Italy, let’s discover when is the best time to go to Sicily!


Beat time to visit Sicily is in shoulder season.


April to May and September to October are the best months of the year to go to this island.


Sicily Italy when to go to Sicily

Sicily Italy when to go to Sicily


The weather is not very hot, the number of rainy days is relatively small and the prices are still reasonable. Oh, not to mention the tourists! They are in small numbers, so renting a car or booking accommodation should not be a big issue!

During summertime, from June to August, when is peak season, the island changes completely. The tourists are everywhere and the prices go up!

You might have difficulties when renting a car or booking a hotel! You should plan your trip in advance if you want to get the best quality-price ratio!

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What to see in Sicily

There are many interesting attractions spread all across the island. The small town of Taormina is the most visited attraction from the island. It is located on the eastern part of the island, is a great place to set your camp and explore the surroundings.


Lampedusa, a small island located pretty close to Sicily full of amazing beaches is another great destination for your Italian trip.


Mount Etna is another famous attraction from the island which should not be skipped when in Sicily. Take a day trip and explore the volcano and the nearby area to see with your own eyes the forces of nature!


Taormina Sicily Town Italy

Taormina Sicily Town Italy


And the list might go on. From where is Sicily Italy located is very easy to have access to some wonderful islands and beaches from the Mediterranean Sea.

Most of the island are not popular among tourists and hardly known among locals, so exploring them gives you a good chance to observe the local culture and traditions.

Where to stay in Sicily

Sicily is a wonderful island with many beautiful and secluded resorts. We found some really beautiful oasis hidden between the red-orange plantations or near the beach where to spend your holiday:

1.Voi Grand Hotel Mazzaro Sea Palace Sicily Taormina is a 5 stars resort located in Taormina right near Mazzaro beach.

The hotel offers for its guests’ free access to the sea-view pool and wellness centre. There is also a spa centre which offers great treatments for you to relax and enjoy your holiday.


VOI Grand Hotel Mazzaro Sea Palace Sicily

VOI Grand Hotel Mazzaro Sea Palace Sicily


The rooms are spacious and elegant with balconies and wonderful views of the sea.
To reach Taormina city centre you can take the cable car which is located just 50 metres away from the hotel


VOI Grand Hotel Mazzaro Sea Palace Sicily Room

VOI Grand Hotel Mazzaro Sea Palace Room


VOI Grand Hotel Mazzaro Sea Palace Sicily Restaurant

VOI Grand Hotel Mazzaro Sea Palace Sicily Restaurant


2. Sikelia Luxury Hotel Sicily is a wonderful adults-only hotel located on the island of Pantelleria, in the town named Scauri.


Sikelia Luxury Hotel terrace stunning view

Sikelia Luxury Hotel terrace stunning view


It is a very secluded hotel with amazing rooms and good quality toiletries! If I remember correctly they gave Hermes toiletries for your bathrooms!

The buildings are built in the traditional Dammusi style.


Sikelia Luxury Hotel Room

Sikelia Luxury Hotel Room


Sikelia Luxury Hotel Relax

Sikelia Luxury Hotel Relax


3. Smy Hotel La Tonnara Di Bonagia Sicily is a great choice for your Sicily experience. The 4 stars hotel is located in an ancient tuna fishery from the 17th century.

The place was refurbished and restored by experts and it looks just amazing!


Smy Hotel La Tonnara di Bonagia room

Smy Hotel La Tonnara di Bonagia room


All the rooms are big and clean and some of them offer an incredible view of the Baia di Cofano.

The restaurant, overlooking the small harbour offers good quality food and an amazing view!

Sicily is a great place to spend your holiday!

It is a charming island with many attractions! From where is Sicily Italy located you can easily reach other small and hidden islands where to spend some memorable moments and to get some incredible shots for your Instagram feed!