Stop searching and see here on which continent is Israel

This small and narrow country, the state of Israel, with a semi-arid climate is located on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

If I said the Mediterranean Sea then it means that Israel is located in Europe, right?!

Well, don’t be so sure as our incredible planet does not stop to amaze us and here, on this planet, there are many interesting surprises!

On which continent is israel
which continent is Israel in

on which continent is Israel?

Israel is located in the Middle East on Asia continent, on the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, bordered by Syria, Egypt to the southwest, Jordan and Lebanon to the north.

But before telling you in which continent is Israel, I want you to know that it lies at the junction of three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia.

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If we look at the map we can say for sure that Israel is not in Africa; it is just bordering this amazing continent but it is not part of it.

How about Europe, can we say Israel is in Europe?

Well, not quite as the eastern border of the European continent are the Ural Mountains.

So, from all the three initial possibilities (Africa, Asia and Europe) there is only one viable option and that is Asia.

Yes, the right answer to the question on which continent is Israel is Asian continent!

I bet you knew the answer from the moment I told you that Israel is located in the Middle East, right?!

Now that we know which continent is Israel in, let me tell you some interesting facts about this magnificent country.


SIsrael is a pretty small country with just 470 kilometres in length and 135 kilometres wide.

Although a small country, it encompasses a large variety of landscapes: from forested highlands and fertile green valleys to mountainous deserts and coastal plains.

Let’s not forget to mention one of the most interesting and also the lowest point on Earth: the Dead Sea.

From the total surface of the country, almost half of it is a semi-arid area with very hot days and two main seasons, the rainy one and the dry one.


This part of Asia, in which continent is Israel has a climate with a lot of sunny days and the rainy season lasting from November to April.

In which continent is israel
On which continent is israel

The north part of the country has much more days with rain than the southern part: from 50-70 cm to just 2.5 cm over the whole year.

The climate is also different on the coastline than the one from the hill regions.

If on the coastal plain there are humid and hot summers and wet and mild winters, on the hillside we can encounter a little snow and a lot of rain in wintertime and dry and warm days during summer.

The southern part of the country is characterised by warm and hot days with cool nights, a climate specific to semi-arid conditions.

Best time to visit the land of Israel

The best time to go in western Asia on which continent is Israel is in spring and autumn because the days are sunny and warm with moderate temperatures and the nights are cool enough for a good sleep.

July and August are very crowded periods of the year to visit the Holy Land area as many of us plan their holidays in this period as the kids are on their summer holiday.

But trust me, it is not a great time to go to Israel as the days might be extremely hot, with average temperatures of 33 degrees Celsius.

And the nights are also hot, with temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius, so it is very hard to sleep if you don’t have an AC in your room.

Travel tip:

During spring and fall, there are many important events and festivals which means limited availability for hotels and car hire.

You’d better check the calendar before going and book your accommodation and car in advance if you want to secure the best price.

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In this part of the world, in which continent is Israel, religion plays a very important role.

All the events from the Jewish calendar are celebrated with fast and an overall feeling of celebration covers the whole country including the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv Yafo.

For your safety, we advise you to avoid travelling on the West Bank and Gaza strip as there are not many interesting things to see there and nobody can guarantee your safety.

Still, Israel is a very beautiful and unique country with interesting traditions and culture.

It lies in the Middle East and is a very interesting mixture of people gathered here from all over the world.

Plan your trip to this beautiful place: Logistical tips and tricks

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