Israel is in which continent? Brief info about Holy Land

Which continent is Israel?

The Holy Land as the country is known stands at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa.

So, Israel is in which continent?

Geographically, it belongs to the Asian continent and belongs to the Center East area.
In the west, the country is bound by the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon and Syria border it to the north, Jordan to the east, Egypt to the southwest and the Red Sea to the south.

The Holy Land is a small, narrow, semi-arid country on the southeastern coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. It entered background some 35 centuries back when the Jewish individuals abandoned its nomadic way of life, settled in the Land and became a country.

Israel is a land as well as individuals. The background of the Jewish people, and also its roots in the Land of Israel, extends some 35 centuries. In this land, its social, national and also spiritual identification was formed.

Below, its physical presence has been preserved unbroken throughout the centuries, even after the majority was pushed into expatriation. With the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Jewish self-reliance, lost virtually 2,000 years previously, was renewed.


Which continent is Israel?

Long and narrow in shape, the Holy Land has around 290 miles (470 kilometres.) in size and also 85 miles (135 kilometres.) in width at its best point.

Although tiny in size, the Holy Land incorporates the varied topographical attributes of a whole continent, varying from forested highlands and abundant eco-friendly valleys to hilly deserts, and also from the coastal plain to the semitropical Jordan Valley and also the Dead Sea, the most affordable factor in the world. Roughly half of the country’s land area is semi-arid.

Israel is in which continent
Israel is in which continent


Now that you found out which continent is Israel, let’s see how big this country is!
Israel is a nation of immigrants. Considering that its creation in 1948,the country’s populace has grown practically ten-fold.

Its 7.8 million citizens comprise a mosaic of individuals with varied ethnic backgrounds, way of lives, religious beliefs, cultures and also customs. Today Jews comprise some 75.4% of the nation’s populace, while the nation’s non-Jewish people, mainly Arabs (20.5%), number regarding 24.6%.

Main cities

Jerusalem, the country’s capital (populace 788,000), has stood at the centre of the Jewish people’s nationwide and also spiritual life considering that King David made it the capital of his kingdom some 3000 years ago.

Today it is a flourishing, lively metropolitan area, the seat of the federal government and Israel’s biggest city.

Tel Aviv-Yafo (populace 404,000), which was founded in 1909 as the initial Jewish city in modern times, is today the facility of the nation’s commercial, business, economic and cultural life.

No matter if the answer to the question “Israel is in which continent” is Asia, bear in mind that this is one of the most developed countries in the world!

Haifa (populace 268,000), a known coastal town considering that old times, is a significant Mediterranean port as well as the industrial and commercial centre of northern Israel.

Which continent is Israel
Which continent is Israel

Be’er Sheva (populace 195,000), called in the Bible as an encampment of the patriarchs, is today the largest city centre in the south. It supplies administrative, financial, wellness, education as well as social services for the entire southerly area.

Now you’ve got a small idea about where is Israel and its importance! But don’t forget that the answer to the following questions is the same:

Israel is in which continent?

Which continent is Israel?

Israel is located in the Middle East, along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, bordered by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan as well as Egypt. It exists at the junction of 3 continents: Europe, Asia and also Africa, but it is considered to be located on the Asian continent.

So, after visit Israel, you can say you’ve been to Asia. Sound’s strange isn’t it?!

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