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What continent is Israel on map? What's the truth?

Many of you asked me what continent is Israel on the world map and which are the main characteristics of this amazing land.

As I want to provide you with real and authentic explanations about these aspects I have discussed this subject with three persons born and raised in Israel during my trip to this country.

So, I have a really interesting conversation with a professor from the University of Haifa, with a tourist guide from Jerusalem and with an engineer from Tel Aviv.

Let’s discover together what each of these people told me about Israel’s location on the world map and why so much confusion around this subject.

What continent is Israel on map

The professor from the University of Haifa gave me a short but very clear answer to my question what continent is Israel on the world map. He said that without any doubt Israel is located in Asia, in the Middle East, on the Asian-African border.

It is often believed that Israel is a European country mainly because this country claimed to be “European” in terms of society and culture.

But if you get deep into the subject and analyse it, you will see that there is no clear evidence for this belief.

Yes, it is true that it is a parliamentary democracy and that it participates in Eurovision and the European sports league.

But all these arguments are not enough to call Israel a European country and to locate it in the European continent.

Some of them go even further and name Israel as a western oasis in a sea of tyranny but the professor doesn’t think it is necessary to do that.

If you look deep into the subject and analyse the culture, history, cuisine, architecture, art, language and spirituality you will discover very easily that this country has all the characteristics of a Middle East country, a region from Asia, what continent is Israel on map.

I was mentioning earlier that Israel is a parliamentary democracy, but it is not the only country in Asia with such a regime.

Japan for example is a very classical example of the parliamentary democracy from Asia, and the list might go on.

The engineer from Tel Aviv also added that for some reasons the Israeli broadcast authority belongs to the European association.

He said that this is the main reason why this amazing country participates in the Eurovision song contest, which is a very important thing for Israeli people.

There is also another thing which creates confusion among tourists from all over the world.

And here I am talking about the fact that the Israeli football team which is part of EUFA and the local teams participate at EUFA tournaments and the champions’ league.

But things were not like this since forever; everything changed in the early 1980s when the soccer team moved from the pacific association to EUFA.

The migration from the early 1980s was not something that Israel wanted, but the country was forced out of the Asian equivalents for Eurovision and European sports league.

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What continent is Israel on the world map

Located in Asia after United Nations geoscheme, Israel is a country in the Middle East area, near the Mediterranean Sea, but each time when this country compares with something, they do it with European countries and from here the confusion.

This was the answer given to me by the tourist guide from Jerusalem.

He said that although they are in Asia, they are very far from Indo-China which is considered by many central Asia and since they have a real democracy regime in the Middle East they like to compare their country with European countries.

Geographically they are not in Europe, but he considered that all the main characteristics of the Holy Land are the same as the ones of the western European countries.

He said that Tel Aviv is a good example of a European city with amazing beaches and vibrant nightlife.

There is also the old part of the town, Tel Aviv Yafo, a window for those interested to travel back in time. Hebrew and Arabic are the spoken languages of the state of Israel with a very diverse landscape including Dead Sea ( the lowest point on Earth), coastal plains, Golan Heights and Negev Desert.

Overall, this part of Asia, what continent is Israel on the world map is a safe area as long as you stay in the touristy areas ( avoid going to West Bank and Gaza Strip as these are Palestinian territories ).

I hope things are clear for you now and you know that the right answer to the question what continent is Israel on map is Asia, Middle East region.

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Thabani Sibanda

Monday 2nd of November 2020

Africans know Israel as part of Africa, specifically North East Africa. All views must be considered. Some people get upset when this view is raised.

Rhuan Dean Campbell

Thursday 7th of October 2021

I never travel to Africa my home land since am a slave taken from home by force, but I ready the history book of life ( the bible) and it tell me different from what those 3 people tell you. Israel is Africa. Because of Israelite disobedient, our sin against God who protecting us from those people who capture the Holy land and change it to what they want don't mean it what they call it or name it. The bible tells of all the wrong they have done. Even to this day France have some of our value treasures in Museum and refuse to hand over to africans. Where is the house of worship that was built by Solomon. That's africa

Sonia Hash

Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

Hi Thabani,

Yes, you are so right! All views must be considered and people are freedom to express their thoughts and believes!