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7 Must-Do Activities When Exploring Iceland

Land of fire and ice, land of myths and legends, of trolls and giants and mythical creatures, Iceland is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Its landscape is spectacular and magic, everything is covered in mystery and unicity!

Each corner of this country is impressive!

Everywhere you go you will find unique natural phenomena and beautiful landscape!

Here is our best 7 Iceland things to do and visit

1. Hike in Skaftafell Park

Black volcanic sands, icy rivers, and beautiful forest form the 4.800 square kilometres of Skaftafell Park.

Here you can find one of the most impressive and a unique landscape on Earth.

Inside the park, there are a lot of trails, each of them having different lengths and degrees of difficulty.

My favourite one is the trail that takes you to the Black Forest section.

There you can find a waterfall flowing over black basalt cliffs.

The best 7 Iceland things to do

Skaftafell National Park

Inside the park, there is also a lagoon full of icebergs and you can take a boat tour if you want to get closer to the icebergs.

We are very active persons and when we travel to a foreign country we like to do hiking, water sports and all kind of activities available in that place!

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Safety issued being solved, we enjoy each moment from our trip!

We explore the hole country and hiking in Skaftafell Park was one of the most interesting experiences!

2. Visit the place where 2 tectonic plates meet

North America and Eurasian tectonic plates meet on Thingvellir National Park.

Here is the only place in the world where you can touch both plates with one hand without being submerged.

Huge forces remodelled the landscape.

Think of Iceland as a bridge between continents.

The intense volcanic and geothermal activity is because of its location.

The best 7 Iceland things to do

Thingvellir National Park Iceland

Volcanic eruptions are pretty often and violent.

The eruption of Bardarbunga and Holuhraun from 2014 caused the starting of a movement process of these two plates.

The movement process might last for decades or even more.

3. Visit Snaefellsjokull National Park one of the best Iceland things to do

A famous place thanks to Jules Verne book “A journey to the Center of the Universe”, Snaefellsjokull National Park is home to an old glacier with the same name.

The glacier lies on top of a volcano and its peak reaches 1446 meters.

The best 7 Iceland things to do

Snaefellsnes Peninsula Iceland

It is the perfect destination for a hiking day or cross-country skiing.

The volcano is still active; the last eruption recorded dated 1800 year ago.

If you are a mountain lover, this is the supreme destination!

A whole day of hiking and exploring the glacier would recharge your batteries and would make you feel unbeatable!

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It is one of the fewer places in the world where you can find packed together with a dormant volcano, black sandy beaches, and rock formations.

That is why locals used to call this part of Iceland, ” the small Iceland”.

4. See the Northern Lights

Iceland is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights.

The green lights dancing in the dark sky are something which could not be forgotten soon.

I felt blessed seeing this incredible spectacle!

We were lucky that we did not have to drive and hunt for hours Aurora Borealis.

It was incredibly simple!

We never expected to something like that!

We chose an accommodation at a farm, outside a village and from our room window we watched the Aurora Borealis show for almost an hour.

I did not realize when that hour passed!

I was completely fascinated by the lights from the sky!

The best 7 Iceland things to do

Northern Lights in Iceland

I guess our guesthouse was one of the best places in the area to spot Northern Lights!

In less than half an hour after the Aurora Borealis appeared, the parking spot near the guesthouse was full of cars and people hunting the mysterious lights.

Everybody was very excited and anxious to get the best picture!

If you also wish to see the northern lights, it is important to also choose the best time of year for northern lights in Iceland, and that is from October to April.

For us, the best time to see northern lights in Iceland was late October, and we were so lucky to have a clear sky and be able to see this amazing phenomenon.

Choose the best time for northern lights in Iceland:


best time of year to see Iceland Northern lights in 2020

best time of year to see Iceland Northern lights in 2020

For hunting Northern Lights you definitely need a car.

We booked a small SUV and we drive along the Ring Road chasing the Aurora Borealis and hunting the best Iceland things to do.

It was a magnificent experience! Do like us and create your own magical holiday!

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5. Visit Hallgrimskirkja Church

Hallgrimskirkja Church is the biggest building in Iceland.

It is an emblematic spot from Reykjavik with a total high of 74.5 meters.

For a complete view over Iceland capital, you can take the elevator and climb up in the church tower.

You will get some unforgettable images from up there!

Climbing up there is one of the best experiences!

The best 7 Iceland things to do

Hallgrimskirkja Reykjavik Iceland

6. Bath in a geothermal pool

You cannot say you visited Iceland if you don’t bathe in a geothermal pool.

Myvatn Natural Bath and Blue Lagoon are two of the most famous spas from Iceland.

They are very modern and nice arranged for tourists and locals.

Blue Lagoon is more popular mainly due to its location, close to the airport and Reykjavik.

Myvatn is located on the northeast side of the island and is not that touristic.

Both are beautiful and worth paying them a visit when in Iceland!

The best 7 Iceland things to do

Myvatn Bath Lagoon Iceland

7. Travel along the Golden Circle

An ideal destination for a day trip, Golden Circle gives you a very good impression of how Iceland looks like!

I like to say that it is a demo for Ring Road.

Round trip from Reykjavik is about 240 km long and is doable in one day!

Geysers, geothermal springs, incredible waterfalls are just some of the things which could be admired along Golden Circle.

The best 7 Iceland things to do

Golden Circle Iceland Tour

Being so close to Reykjavik is a very touristic destination, especially if you go during peak season.

Arm with patience and be prepared to discover untamed Iceland and the unique Iceland things to do!!