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Exploring Amsterdam’s Most Beautiful Beach: Is it Worth a Visit?

Most beautiful beach in Amsterdam?!

Of course, you read it correctly!

Amsterdam does have beautiful sandy shores around!

I know that when you hear about Amsterdam you are thinking of Red Light District, endless parties and coffee shops. In reality, Amsterdam is more than that!

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It has beautiful buildings, nice canals, and iconic beaches.

There are several beaches near the city but which one is the best?

We prepared a top with the most beautiful sandy shores in Amsterdam.

Each one has its own charm. Try them and decide which one is best for you!

We did so! We spent a few days in Amsterdam, on Crown Plaza Amsterdam, a very nice hotel right near a subway station and we made a beach tour!

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1. Zandvoort Aan Zee Beach in Amsterdam

Zandvoort Aan Zee is a beautiful strip of beach with golden sand, being a perfect place to relax, practise surf or bathing in the sun.

There are many food stations around the sandy shore, so if you feel hungry you have plenty of choices around.

In less than 100 meters you can find good restaurants, where you can enjoy your meal sitting at a table.

Is this the most beautiful beach in Amsterdam?

Zandvoort aan zee beach Amsterdam

2. Bloemendaal Aan Zee

Located close to Zandvoort beach, Bloemendaal Aan Zee impresses with its golden sand shores and party atmosphere.

Definitely is the best beach in Amsterdam for a bath on the North Sea and to admire the sunset!

Be prepared! Even in summer, the water is cold!

So, a short bath is all you can do!

But I don’t think you go to Amsterdam for swimming!

Bars and pubs are sprinkled around the beach!

There is live music, open-air parties with famous DJs!

The atmosphere is indeed electric!

This is the ideal place to have fun and to be close to the sea!

Is this the most beautiful beach in Amsterdam?

bloemendaal aan zee beach Amsterdam


Keep in mind that this beach has one of the most beautiful views over the sunset!

So, a short visit to this beautiful sand shore at sunset time is something you should not miss!

It is a great place to relax and to run away from big-city noise.

On the beach, there are some very nice bungalows where you can spend the night and listen to the waves until late in the evening.

Sea Lodges Bloemendaal 7 is our recommendation for this place, as it has everything you may ask for and it is located right on the beach.

3. Wijk Aan Zee

Wijk Aan Zee is one of the widest beaches in the Netherlands and very famous among windsurfers, kitesurfs and paragliders.

Windy days are a common fact here making this beach the ideal destination for water sports lovers.

Is this the most beautiful beach in Amsterdam?

Wijk aan zee beach in Amsterdam


We are sports fans so we were interested in this place!

We like to have fun but safety is first!

We never leave home without having insurance which covers all kind of stupid accidents!

Stay safe while you travel

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You are not an active person?

No worries! Wijk Aan Zee offers sand sculpting contests and Yoga sessions too!

I would say this beach is more for chill and relax not for parties! Spending a relaxing day here will help you recharge your batteries!

4. Strandzuid

This beach is famous for weddings, meetings, drinking and companies parties.

During winter the beach is indeed spectacular!

The view over the sea is unique!

I would say Strandzuid is the best beach in Amsterdam to chill and relax!

Once you get here for sure you’ll want to come back again and again.

There something in the air which makes you want to come again!

Is this the most beautiful beach in Amsterdam?

Strandzuid aan zee Amsterdam Beach

5. Sloterplas

This beautiful strip of sand and grass is one of the most well-known beaches in Amsterdam.

It is an ideal destination for a family with kids and persons searching for tranquillity.

The landscape is very calm and refreshing.

On the beach, there is a water sports centre where you can rent sailing equipment or even take lessons.

During summer, the beach centres rent chairs and volleyball equipment.

Trust me! Here you can spend a very relaxing and interesting day on the beach!

Is this the most beautiful beach in Amsterdam?

Sloterplas aan zee Amsterdam Beach


All these beaches have something unique and once you visited them you will want to come back!

Some of them are ideal places to have fun while others are the perfect spot to relax and recharge your batteries!

During your trip to Amsterdam book a day on one of these beaches!

Book a night at a fancy hotel from Amsterdam and enjoy a day on the beach in Amsterdam!

No matter if you choose to stay in the heart of the city or closer to the beach, Amsterdam offers many options for an overnight stay!

Check the available options and see which one is the best for you!

It is a pity to visit Amsterdam and not to spend at least one night here!

Book your overnight stay to experience Amsterdam nightlife