Zaanse Schans windmills and Kinderdijk windmills Netherlands guide

When you are talking about Netherlands you are talking about Zaanse Schans windmills too; they go hand in hand.

The main reason why there are so many mills in Netherlands is most probably for pumping water back to the rivers out of the lowlands.

The most iconic windmill authentic villages in Netherlands are Zaanse Shans and Kinderdijk windmills Netherlands. Kinderdijk is located pretty close to Rotterdam and Zaanse-Schans is located near Amsterdam.

The best thing about both places is that they are the best destination for a day trip. You can book your accommodation in Rotterdam or Amsterdam and have a day trip to one of these beautiful villages.

We decided to visit both locations, so we book a few nights in Rotterdam and a few nights in Amsterdam. It was a very good decision.

In Rotterdam, we chose to stay at Hilton Rotterdam because it is located in the city centre and offers high-quality accommodation and good breakfast, while in Amsterdam we decided to stay at Crown Plaza Amsterdam . Why Crown Plaza Amsterdam ? Although it is pretty far from the city centre, it is really close to a metro station and has a very good price-quality ratio.

How you get to Zaanse Schans and Kinderdijk windmills?

You could reach the villages by car, by buses or by boat.

The easiest, comfortable and flexible way to reach these villages is by car. You are free to go whenever you want and stay for how long you want.

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Buses and boats are more time consuming and you depend on their schedule.

Both places are authentic and representative for the Netherlands. In my opinion, the most popular place is Zaanse-Schans. This is not necessarily a big plus. Due to its popularity the place loses its charm a little bit.

Kinderdijk or Zaanse Schans windmills Kinderdijk windmills Netherlands
Kinderdijk or Zaanse-Schans windmill Netherlands

Should we visit Kinderdijk or Zaanse Schans ?

We chose to visit Kinderdijk windmills Netherlands first. Both villages are UNESCO World Heritage. In Kinderdijk we decided to take a boat tour and in Zanse Schanse we took a walking tour. The admission fee to both sites is almost equal, but Zaanse-Schans is much more crowded.

in Kinderdijk, we took a boat ride along the main channel and we admired the picturesque landscape with the windmills that were mirrored in the shimmering water. The mills in Kinderdijk were very well maintained and if you are lucky you could see some of them working and you could also visit some! Another interesting fact is that most of the windmills have written on them the construction year so we could calculate the exact age of them. Their age is quite impressive!

In my opinion, the most popular windmill place is Zaanse-Schans windmills, but the Kinderdijk windmills Netherlands are the most beautiful

Whether you visit Kinderdijk or Zaanse Schans, each windmill is unique and have a personalized design depending on the region, on the date when it was build and the usage.

Now the dutch people do not build any more wind-powered mills. The contemporary windmill is actually a wind turbine which is neither impressive nor fascinating as the old one.

Walking along the Zaanse-Schans windmills was a very romantic and unforgettable moment! It is the perfect place to celebrate a wedding anniversary!


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