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Essential Tips to Know Before Renting a Car in Iceland

Driving in Iceland is more of a necessity than a caprice! In Iceland, everyone has a car! That is why public transportation options are very limited. Renting a car in Iceland is the best option to visit the whole country.
When you want to rent a car in Iceland asses your needs and options very well first just to be sure you make the best choice.

5 things to know before renting a car in Iceland

Iceland landscape with a car rented in Iceland

Iceland is an atypical country and driving around is something unique and completely different than driving in other countries.

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Here are the most important 5 things to know before you rent a car in Iceland:

1. Gas stations are rare and the gas price is very high

Never stay until your tank is empty! You never know where the next gas station is and what obstacles are on the road! Each time you have the chance, full your tank with gas! Prepare some money for gas because it is very expensive! Gas litre price is around 1.9 USD. Uhh! Really expensive! If you compare the price with other countries, you’ll see the difference.

2. Speeding fines are very high

You cannot even imagine how high the speeding fines are! Renting a car in Iceland for a day is cheaper than speeding fines! If you exceed the speed limit with 15 km/h and you’ll be caught the fine is around 670 USD.
In order to avoid the speeding fines, don’t exceed the speed limit indicated by signs. Just to know, the maximum speed limit on the highway in Iceland is 90 km/h.

On the road beware to the signs indicating the speed cameras.

They are always put in front of the speed cameras from the road. The landscape is very beautiful, so don’t be hurry and admire the view! This is a good way to avoid exceeding the indicated speed limit.

3. Be prepared for sudden weather changes

A long road trip across the country means higher chances to have all the four seasons in one day! Always stay connected and check the weather forecast sites and the road conditions before you hit the road!

Rain, snow, strong winds and clear sky, all can be seen in one day!

Be careful! If it is strong wind outside, hold your car door well because it can be broken by the wind!

4. Watch out for sheep when renting a car in Iceland

A very common thing in Iceland are sheep crossing the road! Why did they do that? Simple! Because they can! It is sheep land! Actually, sheep hit by cars is very common!

During summer, in some parts of Iceland, 2 or 3 sheep are hit on a daily basis!

Adapt your speed to road conditions in order to avoid any unexpected events!

5. Don’t drive off the road

In Iceland driving off-road is forbidden! This volcanic island has a very fragile ecosystem and car tires could damage to the local landscape.

Drive responsibly and do not damage nature!

Now that you know all these useful tips, it’s time to move on and rent your car for your Icelandic holiday! There are many cars hire companies in Iceland! Read carefully the renting terms and conditions before you finalize the process!

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