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Discovering Bulgaria’s Top 5 Beaches at the Black Sea Coast

Bulgaria is famous for its delicious food, friendly people, great services, amazing sceneries and of course the beautiful Bulgarian beaches at Black Sea Coast.

Bulgarian Riviera is almost that famous as the French and Italian one, but the main advantage of this place is the affordable prices that make Bulgaria one of the most popular attractions in Europe.

The Bulgarian Black Sea shore is a long, beautiful coastline with golden sand beaches and nice resorts for all budgets, not to mention the delicious food and stunning sceneries.

Updated August 2020: We fell in love with Bulgaria beaches and each year we try to spend a few days on a different resort as each of them is unique and has an interesting story behind it.

What I can tell you for sure is that all the beaches are beautiful but some of them are indeed special and you have to include these places into your itinerary when traveling to Bulgaria.

top 5 Best BULGARIAN beaches AT Black Sea Coast

1. Sunny Beach

I can say this is the most popular beach resort in Bulgaria Sea with plenty of blue flag beaches, extremely popular among tourists from all over the world, especially the young generation looking to have fun and party without spending a fortune.

It has many nice hotels which offer at very reasonable prices accommodation, meals, and good entertainment.

Most of the hotels are all-inclusive and have their private strip of golden beach sand with umbrellas and sunbeds where you can relax, read a book and listen to the sound of the sea.

There are beach bars where you can sip a cocktail while watching the sunset or for a more exquisite experience, you may rent a boat and party all day and night in the middle of the sea.

Nearby this holiday resort is Nessebar, one of the most beautiful ancient cities from Bulgaria with a rich history behind and many medieval buildings, including one of the oldest churches in the whole country.

Pay it a visit if you have the chance and you will be fascinated by its architecture, narrow paved streets, and welcoming people inviting you to have a seat at their restaurant and try the delicious local food.

Sunny Beach bulgarian beaches at Black sea coast
Sunny Beach Best Bulgarian Beaches

The only downside of this resort is that it is very crowded during the summer months and if you don’t book early you might not find any rooms.

Think in advance and book your accommodation at Sunny Beach right now to secure the best price and the most beautiful room with a sea view and within walking distance from the beach!

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2. Golden Sands Bulgaria Sea

One of the best Bulgarian beaches at Black Sea Coast is in Golden Sands located on the northern part of the Bulgarian Coastline, close to Varna and the International Airport that connects this part of the country with some of the most important cities from Europe.

As the name suggested, the beach is a long and wide strip of fine golden sand beach, full of sunbeds and umbrellas perfect for your holiday.

Golden sands best bulgarian beaches Bulgaria Sea
Golden sands Bulgaria beaches

This beach resort is more suitable for families with children and it might get extremely crowded during the high season because of the low prices and family-friendly facilities.

It is designed as a child-friendly beach resort with hotels adapted for families with kids, with shallow and clean waters, a huge sandy beach where your kids can build sandcastles and play in the water.

The prices are lower than in Sunny Beach, and you can find a large variety of hotels, most of them with all-inclusive offers.

Golden Sands Beach Bulgaria
Golden Sands Beach Bulgaria

The price-quality ratio is very good so a holiday in this resort is a good choice especially if you are searching for a beautiful place close to Europe and you don’t want to break the bank for your next summer holiday.

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3. Albena Best Bulgarian Beaches

Albena has one of the safest places for swimming, especially if you have children that like to stay in the water for hours.

The water is warmer than in other parts of Bulgaria, calmer and the beach is very nice, too with soft sand and the resort is conveniently located near Varna International Airport that connects this part of Bulgaria with the rest of Europe.

There is a mini train to visit the resort and I am sure that your kids will love this experience especially after a day on the beach.

Restaurants and all-inclusive resorts are everywhere but like the previous 2 resorts mentioned in this article, Albena is also an extremely popular resort and it might get very crowded during the high season so we strongly recommend you to book your room in advance to secure the best price.

Sweet temptations are everywhere so take some leva with you as I am sure you cannot resist delicious ice cream after a hot day on the beach.

Albena Beach Bulgaria
Albena Beach Bulgaria

Note that Albena and Golden Sands are much the same, both being more child-friendly than other Bulgarian beaches at Black Sea Coast, just that Albena is surrounded by a national park called Baltata, a great place to reconnect with nature.

Albena Beach Bulgaria beaches at black sea coast
Albena Beach Bulgaria beaches at black sea coast

Is this beach what you are looking for for your next summer holiday?

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

Don’t waste your time as tomorrow might be too late and you will find no rooms available at your desired hotel!

Book in advance to be sure you will find what you want and to secure the best price for your dream hotel located close to the sea and offering the best view and delicious food.

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4. Irakli Bulgaria Sea

One of the last “wild” beaches from Bulgaria, Irakli is a place where young people try to escape from urban life.

There are no resorts or restaurants so take with you everything you need for a day on the beach: water, soft drinks, some snacks and sandwiches as well as suncream, a hat and a good book to read.

Irakli beach is just a strip of golden sand where you can reconnect with nature with no facilities available!

This is not the place to go if you are looking to party on the beach, drink cocktails as the place is among the last wild beaches from the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

Don’t be surprised to find nudists here so maybe coming here with children is not the best choice!

People going on this beach are looking for simple things, for peace and tranquillity!

Camping in the area is a frequent activity although in the last couple of years the Bulgarian authorities try to implement all kinds of measures to protect this beautiful strip of sand.

So, if you are looking for a place close to nature, this is the perfect place to go!

For nature lovers, we also recommend a short trip to Strandzha Nature Park, one of the largest protected areas from Bulgaria that covers a vast area from Strandzha Mountain to the Black Sea coast down to the Turkish border.

The area was established in 1995 and its main purpose is to protect the traditional cultural and folklore heritage from the area as well as the historical evidence, biodiversity, and ecosystems.

5. Marina Dinevi

This is a place where luxury and style feel at home!

Marina Dinevi is a small harbor with many luxury yachts, a playground for rich and famous people from Bulgaria and the rest of Europe.

Everywhere you look you see luxury: luxurious yachts, 5-star hotels, top notch facilities, beautiful restaurants, and fancy bars overlooking the marina.

Like I said earlier, it is a place where you can find very easy 5 star hotels and stylish restaurants!

The prices are in accordance with the services offered but anyway they are lower than in other similar places from Europe and the US, so if you have in mind a luxurious holiday without spending a lot, then you should consider Marina Dinevi.

Marina Dinevi Beach Bulgaria

Marina Dinevi Beach Bulgaria Sea

The recommended activity here is going on the sea on a yacht with your friends and enjoy the sea, water, and life!

You will have some unforgettable moments here that is for sure as the place is incredibly beautiful and offers one of the best views of the sea from the entire Bulgarian Black Sea coastline!

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These are the most interesting and beautiful Bulgarian beaches at Black Sea Coast which you definitely have to include in your next Bulgarian adventure.

For the complete list of the most beautiful beaches from Bulgaria check our article BEST BULGARIA BEACHES ALONG THE BULGARIAN BLACK SEA COAST.

In this article, you will find the best beaches for families so that your kids have a lot of fun, the best beaches for water sports lovers, and the most beautiful and hidden wild beaches from Bulgaria for those of you looking to reconnect with nature.

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