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October’s End: Evaluating Rhodes Weather for Your Beach Holiday

Rhodes weather end of October

The first thing you’d probably ask yourself when planning your trip to Rhodes in October is how’s the weather in that period of the year. Will it rain? Will it be sunny? Is the weather perfect for a bath?

Well, let’s discover together if the end of October is a good time of the year to visit Rhodes.
I will tell you everything you need to know about the average temperature, the quantity of precipitations and how long is the day.

But before starting to discuss each of these three aspects I want you to know some general aspects of Rhodes climate.

Rhodes weather end of October

Rhodes weather for end of October

Rhodes weather end of October is influenced by the Mediterranean climate. This means mild winters with positive temperatures and no snow and hot and dry summers with almost no rain.

October is an autumn month. Autumn in Rhodes is usually sunny and warm with a few days of rain.

So, if you are wondering what to expect from Rhodes weather in October, the correct answer would be:

  • a few days of rain, but nothing important to ruin your holiday. There might be short rains from now and then; while you drink a cocktail at the beach bar the rain will end and the sun is up again
  • sunny and warm days with an average temperature of around 24 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature might go up to 28 degrees Celsius while the minimum can drop to 14 degrees Celsius. Generally, when it rains, the temperature might drop a little bit. And after sunset, it is also colder. You might need a sweater just in case Rhodes weather end of October is too cold for you!
  • an average of 11 hours of light during the entire day. The sunrise around 6.30 in the morning and set around 5.30 in the afternoon.

1. The temperature at the end of October

The temperature starts to decrease from one day to another and by the end of October, it will be a few degrees less than were a few weeks ago. But don’t get panic! There is nothing that serious to ruin your holiday! The temperature is still perfect for bathing and laying in the sun. Rhodes weather October end is perfect for your holiday!

Yes, it is true that early in the morning and after sunset the temperature drops consistently, but hey, this is Rhodes weather at the end of October! An average temperature of 23 or 24 degrees celsius is still great for a day at the beach!

And after sunset, you can take a sweater or long sleeves and you can spend a lot of time outside! Plus, there are no mosquitos and other insects which bothers you during summer when the days are incredibly hot.

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

2. Precipitation, humid and cloudiness

The worlds which best describe Rhodes weather in October is sunny and nice.
The UV indicator in October is moderate, so don’t go to the beach without having with you suncream with UV protection.

As regarding the rain, October is considered to be one of the best months to visit Rhodes especially if you are mostly interested in exploring and visiting the island attractions.
October is a month with less rain; on average there are about 6 or 7 days of rain in the whole month.

As the month ends and you get closer to November, the days become colder but not rainier. Still, you have to be prepared for some thunderstorms and rain.

The Humidity Indicator is at 69%, where 45% is the level where people feel comfortable and do not have any health issues.
So, in October, you can count on a perfect humidity indicator, on sunny and warm days, perfect for your holiday!

How long are days in October

The average number of hours with light is 11. The sunrise at around 6.30 in the morning and sets at 6.15 in the evening. The sunset and sunrise hours vary from one day to another, but this is the average for October.

For a traveller, the number of sun hours is really important as they dictate the hours you have to explore the area! Rhodes weather October end is another important element when we decide when to visit Rhodes!
And trust me, 11 hours per day are more than enough!

So prepare your luggage and hit the road! Rhodes weather end of October is exactly what you need for exploring and visiting this amazing island!