Is Rhodes weather in October perfect to take a bath in the sea?

Rhodes weather in October can be very sunny and warm, perfect for exploring and enjoying the last moments of good weather before winter comes.
Rhodes has a Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and humid and mild winters.

October is the second month of autumn, but the temperatures are still high, somewhere around 20 degrees Celsius and the days are mostly sunny.
Many days are great to spend at the beach, although the seawater temperature might be a little cold for a bath.

Rhodes weather in October
Rhodes weather October

All over the year, the temperatures are positive the main issue, in my opinion, is the wind. During late autumn and winter, there is a pretty cold breeze and because of it, the temperatures might feel lower than they actually are.

The maximum temperatures are around 24 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperatures are around 15 degrees Celsius.

If during summertime we speak about dry and hot days, in autumn the days are more humid and colder but don’t imagine it will rain every day.

The number of rainy days is higher than in the summertime, with an average of 10 days of rain spread all over the month.

Rhodes weather in October is perfect for exploring the island and why not spend a few hours at the beach.

Early in the morning and late in the evening it is pretty chill, so you’d better take a sweater with you.

You can split your day in half: explore the island by noon and spend a chill and relaxing afternoon at the beach. For the evening we recommend a good dinner, a glass of wine while listening to the sea.

The best way to explore the island is by renting a car. There are many interesting things to see when visit Rhodes and they are spread all over the island, so a car is very useful. It is the most comfortable and easy way of visiting the island.

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There is also public transport, but the buses don’t pass near all the attractions of the island. And there is something else! Exploring the area with a car gives you the freedom and the mobility needed to discover each corner and each part of this interesting land.

If you have a car you don’t need to book your accommodation in a big city. You can look for a remote hotel with direct access to the beach with an intimate atmosphere, the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sunsets.

Maybe Rhodes weather in October is not the best for spending hours in the sea, but for sure is great for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the island.

October weather in Rhodes Greece
October weather in Rhodes Greece

Not to mention the prices! If in peak season you pay a lot of money for food and accommodation, in October you need almost half of that money to spend the same days on the island.

There is also a downside to this aspect. Many of the hotels from the island are open just during peak season, so the accommodation offers might be less varied than in summer, but I am sure you will find a great hotel where to stay.
I can recommend you to try to book a few nights at Sentido Port a beautiful hotel located pretty remote with direct access to the beach, great services and extraordinary food.

So... are you ready for your own experience at Sentido Port Royal Villas & Spa ?

We stayed at this hotel during our visit to Rhodes and we weren’t disappointed. We even tried their spa centre and I can say it is really great! It is a great way to spend a windy or rainy afternoon!

So, to answer your question, if Rhodes weather in October is good for a beach holiday I would say yes, it is! The days are warm enough and sunny to lay in the sun and relax and explore the area!

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