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Discovering the Best Beach in Rhodes Island

You might think that all the Rhodes beaches are the same, but actually, it is not true.

Some of them are with pebble, while others have soft sand.

Some of them are for families due to their shallow waters and soft sand, while others are perfect for watersports.

So, which is the best Rhodes beach?

On my holiday to Rhodes, I have tried many different places from all over the island.

To answer your question about the best beach I would classify them as follow:

  1. The best beach for families
  2. The best beach for watersports
  3. The best beach for a party

Now let discuss each of these 3 categories.

1. The best beach for families

When I am talking about the ideal beach for families and for kids, I would think about a long strip of sand land with shallow waters and without big waves.

From Tsampika to Prasonisi is the best  Rhodes beach for families in Rhodes.

They have incredibly soft sand with plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas.

It has shallow water with no big waves, ideal for your kids.

Which is the best Rhodes beach on island?

Tsampika Rhodes


On the beach, there are many refreshments stands from where you can buy a cold drink to refresh yourself.

In the area near the sea, there are tavernas and restaurants serving local and international dishes, some of them having special menus for children.

I would name Agathi the best Rhodes beach for families.

Which is the best Rhodes beach on island?

Agathi Rhodes


The waters are warm, the sand is soft and from the sea, you have a great view over Feraklos Castle.

So, the landscape is incredibly beautiful!

If you travel with children book your accommodation somewhere close to Tsampika area to fully enjoy the area!

2. The best beach for watersports

For water sports, you need big waves, strong wind and a lot of courage!

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In Rhodes, the most famous place for water sports is Prasonisi.

Many people say that this is the best place for windsurfing and kite-surfing in the world not just from Greece.

Which is the best Rhodes beach on island?

Prasonisi Rhodes


The best part is that you even can learn about this incredible water sports while you visit Greece.

On the beach, there are many schools which rent you adequate equipment and teach you to practice these water sports.

The prices are moderate, but at least you leave Rhodes with very nice memories.

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You can also practice watersports on Kiotari beach, but it’s not the same as Prasonisi.

On Kiotari the prices are a little bit lower and there are many schools which teach you different kind of watersports.

But the ultimate experience is to practice watersports on Prasonisi, one of the best Rhodes beaches for water sports.

3. The best Rhodes beach for a beach party

Yes, I know! You lay on the beach the whole day and when the night comes you want to party!

But which is the best place to party in Rhodes?!

First of all, I must tell you that Rhodes is not famous for its nightlife, so don’t expect incredible nightlife.

In Rhodes people party until morning but it is not the ultimate destination for that.

Still, I would name Faliraki beach as the best place to party in Rhodes.

There are many beach bars open until late and many clubs in the resort.

They all serve a large selection of drinks and cocktails and you can listen to all kind of music.

Some of the clubs even have live music and DJs.

Which is the best Rhodes beach on island?

Faliraki Rhodes


After a long night, you will definitely need accommodation close to Faliraki.

If you are searching for vibrant nightlife, then book a hotel in Faliraki!

That is the best way to explore the area without any stress!

Even if Rhodes is a small island I am sure you will find many interesting places, suitable for your tastes.

The best Rhodes beach has something unique and special and makes you want to come back again and again!